Adygeans – who are they?

They make “bread” from millet, and their cheese is known all over the world. They kidnap brides just for fun, but consider marriage to be sacred and unique in life. Who are the unique and […]

What Slavic peoples revert to Islam?

Everyone knows that Christianity, Orthodox and Catholic, is the main religion of most Slavs. However, there are many Slavs who profess Islam. Basically, these are the Slavic peoples inhabiting the Balkan Peninsula – the land, […]

The Talent War is Over: No Winners

Thomas Chamorro-Premuzik, author of The Talent Delusion, and Adam Iarsley, HR Director of Red Bull, explain why all attempts to find good employees and develop leadership skills end in nothing. In 1998, at the end […]

How to be a successful ruler

We have already recalled many rulers of different parts of the world, religions, nationalities. But their fates are often very similar. Power changes people and often makes them alike. Therefore, we took the liberty of […]

Why technology manufacturers leave China

And the most super-big ones go away – Samsung, Apple, Foxconn. Brief reasons. 1. Trade war with the States. The states and China have been exchanging pleasantries for a long time: either they will come […]

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