10 games for iPad and iPhone with the best graphics

Apple unveiled the eighth generation iPad and the fourth version of the iPad Air. And although the company has never positioned its products as gaming, good, and most importantly, unified hardware allows you to create excellent games for these tablets, which are technically not so much inferior to titles for PC and consoles. In this article, we’ll talk about ten iPad and iPhone games with the best graphics.

Call of duty mobile

Call of Duty is one of the biggest, if not the biggest FPS franchises. Since 2005, she has never lost her schedule, consistently delivering shooters to the audience at least once a year. And despite this, interest in the series has not yet faded away – new titles are still eagerly awaited.

However, all of the above applies only to consoles and PCs, Call of Duty has never really shone on mobile devices. There were adaptations for Java and flirting with strategy mechanics, there were even attempts to make mobile FPS. However, that same full-fledged experience was not there until the release of Call of Duty Mobile.

The reason for the success of Call of Duty Mobile is quite simple – it is, in general, the same Call of Duty that everyone is used to. There are, of course, differences: there are fewer people in matches, touch-gamepad controls, but these are all trifles. The game offers exciting, and most importantly, comfortable shooting, a number of PvP modes and a variety of customization and pumping.

Bright memory

Bright Memory is the kind of game that people go to to show how beautiful graphics mobile games can have. It makes no sense to explain something in words – in the video below you can see a comparison with the PC version of the title. If you don’t know in advance, you might easily think that this is just a demonstration of different graphics settings on a desktop.

Bright Memory’s graphics level is amazing, and this despite the fact that it is almost a year old. However, what is even more surprising is that only one developer was involved in the title, who managed not only to achieve an impressive picture, but also to create an exciting combat system that combines the mechanics of a shooter and a slasher. Unfortunately, mobile Bright Memory is very short-lived – it will last for about an hour. The author of the game was going to release several episodes, but changed his mind and now, with the support of the publisher, is completely reworking the title.

Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes is a multiplayer space simulator. The events of the game take place in a parallel universe with respect to Eve Online, but the developers promise to implement all the key features of the original in the mobile spin-off. According to the authors of the game, Eve Echoes will have more than 8 thousand star systems, a free economy and advanced social mechanics.

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From the side of the gameplay, Eve Echoes resembles working with graphs and tables – the game has many different mechanics, most of which are somehow tied to numbers. Be it war, trade or resource extraction – first of all, you need to work with your head. However, as with the original Eve, sometimes you can just sit back and enjoy space.

Pascal’s Wager

Many people consider smartphones and tablets to be the abode of casualness. This is not to say that this is undeserved – hardcore titles take up relatively little space in the App Store and Google Play. Why, they even coined the term “hyper-casual games” for the mobile platform. That’s why it’s so nice to see titles like Pascal’s Wager here.

Pascal’s Wager is a classic Souls-like inspired by FromSoftware games. High difficulty – yes, rifts – yes, various bosses – yes. Even in the general atmosphere of the game, Miyazaki’s style is felt. RPG looks funeral-beautiful, the dark beauty of the monsters and the environment inspires both fear and admiration.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you want to quickly understand what Asphalt 9: Legends is all about, then just imagine what an ideal Fast and Furious game would look like. And we are not talking about the first films in which there were street racers and small-town criminal showdowns. Asphalt 9: Legends has incorporated the best of the later parts of the franchise – super-expensive cars, tremendous speed, incredible stunts and a complete lack of common sense.

If you are looking for a good car simulator for mobile or tablet, then I will save you time – Asphalt 9 is not about that at all. On the other hand, this game is definitely worth paying attention to gamers who want to kill time in a not very difficult, but very entertaining race. Lots of licensed cars, beautiful graphics and slightly insane physics have given the Asphalt series a well-deserved recognition among mobile entertainment enthusiasts.

Grid Autosport

Not to your liking overly arcade pokatushki? Want something more serious? Take your time to put your iPad down and get off the couch, it still has something to surprise you with. Take Grid Autosport, for example. It was released on consoles and PCs back in 2014, and reached the iPhone and iPad in 2017. Despite this, she still looks and plays very well.

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Grid Autosport received a very warm welcome during its first release. It was a good car simulator – not too hardcore to attract more audiences, and not too casual to stay interesting and challenge players. And this despite the fact that on PC and consoles, there is very tough competition among racing titles. What can we say about the mobile platform, where Grid Autosport simply has no competitors. There seems to be no one else to give the crown of the best and most beautiful mobile car simulator.

Injustice 2

By the way, about console games on mobile. Recently, this means ports or the original multi-platform, that is, exactly the same titles ported to smartphones and tablets without major gameplay changes. However, in the days of Java, these were completely different games, albeit with the same name. Occasionally a similar thing happens now.

Fighting is one genre that is reluctant to adapt to the mobile platform. They require a relatively large set of actively used buttons, as well as the ability to combine and quickly switch between them. The touch screen does not do this well.

That is why mobile Injustice 2 is much more casual than the older version, plus the shareware distribution model has brought in a rather aggressive service. However, the game turned out to be quite beautiful, retaining the console design and animation. In addition, you can go through a story campaign in it, the cut-scenes of which almost did not suffer in any way from the transfer to smartphones and tablets.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Five years is a long time for the modern gaming industry, almost a whole console generation. For mobile platforms, operating systems and hardware are replaced annually, this is almost an eternity. So it doesn’t make much sense to look for anything other than beautiful, at least working games that are more than a couple of years old, right? Not really!

This is true only 99.9%. And the remaining 0.1% is Implosion – Never Lose Hope. The 2015 game still looks great and is capable of setting the stage for many modern titles. As for the gameplay, it’s still the same dynamic and adrenaline-filled isometric slasher.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope feels good on the newly announced iPads, according to the App Store. However, iPhone owners should be more careful – the smartphone often changed the characteristics of the display, which is why the action can behave somewhat unpredictably. For example, black bars may appear, returning the screen to the proportions of the good old iPhone 6.

Black desert mobile

If you don’t have AdBlock, then you probably already know everything there is to know about this game. Not at the level of Raid: Shadow Legends, but still. For those who, for some reason, managed to lose sight of Black Desert Mobile, this is the mobile version of the Korean MMORPG of the same name – in it you will find a lot of grind, bright special effects and armored bras.

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The game received mixed reviews from the press and users. Some praised the abundance of content, others did not like the auto battle system, some even complained about the explicit pay-to-win mechanics. But gamers agree on one thing – the graphics in Black Desert Mobile are at a very high level. Lights, shadows, weather effects and texture quality are quite comparable to console ones, especially if you don’t get too carried away with zoom.

Sayonara Wild Hearts, Gris, Alto’s Odyssey, Hyper Light Drifter, Flower …
When we talk about the best graphics in games, we usually mean photorealistic models made at a high technical level. However, the quality of graphics and visual design is not always directly related to the number of polygons and texture resolution. And even more so beauty does not depend on them.

That is why the tenth place in the selection of games with the best graphics received all those insanely beautiful and atmospheric titles that have nothing to do with photorealism. They may require less video memory, but by no means less talent and effort. Whether they use low poly models, pixel art, or even watercolor styling, their graphics remain great.

These were ten (or more) games for iPad and iPhone with excellent graphics. Yes, not all of them can compete on equal terms with consoles and PCs. But considering that mobile devices can fit in your pocket and at the same time have much more functionality, this is very impressive. Which iPad and iPhone games do you think have the best graphics? Write in the comments.

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