10 Harry Potter plot holes that spoil everything

The Harry Potter universe is one of the most amazing and beloved by the public, but, unfortunately, in some moments it lacks thoughtfulness. So, some things lack consistency, while others completely spoil the whole essence of the story. Let’s take a closer look at which plot holes of “Harry Potter” annoy the most.


The main complaint about the main sport among wizards is the absurd rules. First, the game can go on indefinitely until the snitch is caught and no one cares that both the players and the fans should rest. Secondly, the team that still managed to catch him immediately gets 150 points, and due to the stoppage of the game, the opponents do not even get a chance to recoup. This turns such a sport into a battle of catchers and devalues ​​the rest of the players, who can simply waste time and, having taken possession of the Quaffle, fly around the field, expecting that their catcher will win.

Supervision of underage wizards

It is incomprehensible how the working oversight spells constantly contradict themselves. They then react to any magic created near the minor, then they ignore this rule altogether. So, in the second book, Harry is accused of witchcraft when a house elf did it, and in subsequent parts, wizards freely use magic in his home without consequences.

Marauders’ Map

Something as simple as a Marauder’s map could easily ruin the plot of Harry Potter’s third and fourth installments. It’s amazing how Harry or Fred and George, who owned the map before him, did not notice that a certain Peter Pettigrew was always hanging around with Ron and even sleeping with him in the same bed.

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Argus Filch is constantly busy cleaning and manually forced to clear the snow, remove the effects of dung bombs and polish knightly armor to a shine. But why does he do this, because there are many house-lovers living in the castle, who cope with this much better. It is not clear why this eternally evil caretaker is needed at all, who now and then throws himself at the students.

Triwizard Tournament

The Triwizard Tournament is a major event that happens rarely and is a series of spectacular competitions between representatives of three different schools. Why, then, the second and third stages are so boring for the audience. Just imagine, at the second stage the audience just looked at the water for an hour and waited for the champions to return, and at the third stage they had to watch the maze and only guess what was happening there.

Truth serum

The use of this potion could facilitate the justice system in the wizarding world, but for some reason it is practically not used. So, talking about the times immediately after the fall of Voldemort, wizards often mention that many of his Death Eaters claimed that they were under the control of the Imperius spell and did not act of their own free will. In this case, the truth serum could help identify deceivers and hide all the allies of the Dark Lord in Azkaban.

An immutable vow

The spell shown in the sixth part of “Harry Potter” binds the two wizards with an oath, and if it is broken, the person dies. It is strange for Voldemort not to use this spell on his subordinates, because it would be guaranteed to save him from betrayal.

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It is unclear why Voldemort spent an entire year immediately after his rebirth to obtain a dubious prophecy. Thus, he only jeopardized himself and revealed his return to the entire Ministry of Magic, which until the last refused to believe it. Even if he absolutely wanted to get it, obviously it shouldn’t have been a priority for him immediately after his resurrection.

Good luck potion

Why, with such a powerful potion, none of the adult wizards take it when they need to go on a difficult mission. Voldemort’s supporters also ignore its existence and prefer not to use it, even when they face a battle.

Time flywheel

And of course the flywheel of time is the main plot hole. It has been argued many times that his appearance in the plot is a huge mistake, which Rowling tried to correct by destroying all the flywheels of time in the fifth part of the story. However, in the recently released play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, she reintroduced him into the plot, breaking her own rules. So, during time travel, it has now become possible to change the future, as well as go far into the past without a threat to life.

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