10 most expensive companies in the world

Every year, financial turnover in the global market is growing. Some companies fly up a few lines, while others fall in the TOP in a few days.
Below is a list of the 10 most expensive companies according to Forbes ( Information for June 2020)

10 Johnson & Johnson

Country: United States
Industry: Pharmaceutical Industry
Capitalization: $ 395.3 Billion

The company produces medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and hygiene products. It is headed by 250 subsidiaries. The most famous of them: Johnson Baby, Aveeno, Clean & Clear.

9th Berkshire Hathaway

Country: United States
Industry: Insurance, Finance
Capitalization: $ 455.4 billion

The chairman of the board of directors is the famous Warren Buffett, who owns about 320 thousand shares. The company is engaged in investments and insurance. The most famous subsidiaries: Johns Manville, Lubrizol Corporation, Geico, Duracell.

8th Tencent Holdings

Country: China
Industry: IT
Capitalization: $ 509.7 billion

Founder – Pony Ma, the richest man in China. The company owns almost all Internet resources in the country: WeChat, TenPay, Supercell, Tencent QQ, Qzone.

7th Alibaba

Country: China
Industry: Internet Trading
Capitalization: $ 545.4 Billion

Over the past year, 654 million people became customers of the company. The total amount of transactions at sites in China is $ 853 billion. The most famous subsidiaries: Taobao, Tmall, Aliexpress.

6th Facebook

Country: USA
Industry: IT
Capitalization: $ 583.7 billion

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At the beginning of the year, the social network broke a record – the number of users exceeded 2.5 billion people. He is the owner of two other services used by over a billion: Instagram and WhatsApp.

5th Alphabet

Country: United States
Industry: IT
Capitalization: $ 913.3 billion

In 2015, Google reorganized into Alphabet, which allowed to increase the market value of the company. Owns Google and all its services.

4th Amazon

Country: USA
Industry: Retail
Capitalization: $ 1.233 Trillion

Engaged in Internet and retail, as well as cloud computing. It has many companies: from sales (books, music, goods) to dozens of computing services.

3rd Apple

Country: USA
Industry: Electronics, Information Technology
Capitalization: $ 1.285 trillion

Manufacturer of phones, computers, software. It has its own online sales services (App Store), news (Apple News +) and a credit card (Apple Card).

2nd Microsoft

Country: United States
Industry: Software Development
Capitalization: $ 1.359 trillion.

He is engaged in the development of software for computers, telephones, consoles. The main focus is on the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of office tools. The company manufactures its own Xbox game consoles, as well as tablets and laptops – Sufrace.

1 Saudi Aramco

Country: Saudi Arabia
Industry: Oil Production
Capitalization: $ 1,684 trillion

It controls about 25% of world oil reserves and 99% of Saudi Arabia. It is a national company.

Do you know any interesting facts about these giants? Write in the comments, we will discuss!

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