10 oddities of Indians

For some, the points below will seem strange, for some, amazing things, but quite normal. Everyone decides how to live his life for himself. Let’s learn to judge less others, and just more to review and say: “Mmm, how interesting”

1. In India, a cow is considered a sacred and inviolable animal. Especially believers passing by touch the animal with a hand and touch their forehead – a sign that a person is bowing his head. You can find a lot of cows on the streets of cities. If someone knocks a cow he will face big problems.

2. Arrangement marriages organized by parents are still very common. Even if the young people met before the wedding, but the parents found another pair, 90% of their will will be fulfilled.

3. It is customary to celebrate a wedding by inviting all distant relatives and colleagues.

4. The main meal is in the evening, and can have dinner at 11 nights! Eat by hand, sitting on the floor. You can use with food only with your right hand.

5. A birthday is celebrated the day before, at 12 o’clock in the night, it is considered obligatory to smear a person’s birthday with a cake.

6. Drinking is accepted only in the men’s company, women will not be appropriate there, if they are not close friends, they do not drink at the table. Before the main meal, snack on chips and nuts. Wine is rarely consumed, whiskey and beer are preferred.

7. Do not change clothes for bed. They go to bed all day, and in the morning they wash and dress fresh. Therefore, if the next day someone appeared in yesterday’s attire, they will consider that he has not washed yet, and therefore, is not clean.

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8. It is not proper to hang out your underwear after washing for all to see. It is also considered not decent to show your stomach and legs above the knees, and too open back is considered the norm. An image is considered incomplete if there is no scarf or cape.

9. There are special places for women in transport. If a man sits in a common place, and not in a female, he will not give way to a lady.

10. It is considered improper to show anger and restraint in people and refuse the request in plain text. A well-mannered person will always smile and agree with you.

Especially for you Alihanrin Alihan!

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