11 best movies with Tom Hanks.

Continuing my acquaintance with the best films with the participation of actors / directors, I would like to devote one selection to this incredible, kind, and sympathetic person – Tom Hanks .

Can an actor become a cult like a movie? Probably yes, if he was in films like those in which Tom was filmed. Go.
11. Cloud Atlas | (2012)
Director : Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, Lilly Wachowski
# Action # Drama # Detective IMDb
Rating – 7.5 / 10 The film touches on six interrelated stories from 1849 to the distant future.

10. Spy Bridge | (2015)
Director : Steven Spielberg
# Drama # History # Thriller IMDb
Rating – 7.6 / 10 In 1957, FBI agents arrest the artist Rudolf Abel because of spying towards the Soviet Union. He is assigned a lawyer, James Donovan, who is trying to prevent Abel from escaping the death penalty.

9. Apollo 13 | (1995)
Director : Ron Howard
# Adventures # Drama # History IMDb
Rating – 7.6 / 10 The Apollo 13 was the third spacecraft to bring people to the moon to conduct scientific research, and the only one on the flight that had a serious accident.

“Houston, we have problems”
8. Philadelphia | (1993)
Director : Jonathan Demme
# Drama IMDb
Rating – 7.7 / 10 Andrew Beckett worked quietly for several years as a lawyer. Until such time as he was not dismissed from a legal agency due to “ignorance”, which is not the true reason.

The real motivation for Andrew’s resignation was AIDS and homosexuality. Such a dismissal caused him to go to court against employers from this agency.

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The role of Andrew Beckett was the first Oscar-winning Tom Hanks career.
7. Cursed Way | (2002)
Director : Sam Mendes
# Crime # Drama # Thriller IMDb
Rating – 7.7 / 10 Mike Sullivan looks like an ordinary citizen of the United States from the 30s of the last century. But his son Michael has only a couple of questions: “Where does the father go in the mornings, and what kind of environment is he in?”

Once he manages to reveal a secret, after which his father has only one task – to save his son.

6. Captain Phillips | (2013)
Director : Paul Greengrass
# Biography # Drama # Thriller IMDb
Rating – 7.8 / 10 Captain Phillips started the day quite normally. Under the command of him was a container ship. He needed to be delivered to Mombasa. But in the morning he was already warned about the activity of the Somali pirates in the area where he needed to go.

5. Outcast | (2000)
Director : Robert Zemeckis
# Drama # Melodrama # Adventure
Rating IMDb – 7.8 / 10

Once Chuck Noland gets into a plane crash in which he is the only survivor. He is saved by an inflatable boat, and he finds himself on an uninhabited island, where he will live for about 5 years and rethink his whole life.

4. Catch Me If You Can | (2002)
Director : Steven Spielberg
# Biography # Crime # Drama IMDb
Rating – 8.1 / 10 Frank Abigneil from the age of 16 was able to skillfully fake checks and cash checks around the world, which earned him more than one million dollars. But he also knew how to reincarnate well, which you will learn when watching.

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3. Green mile | (1999)
Director : Frank Darabont
# Fantasy # Drama # Crime
Rating IMDb – 8.5 / 10

Jonna Coffey – a huge black giant, is sent to a death row for the murder of two little girls. Paula Edzhkomba confuses the behavior of John, and he does not believe that he could do this.

“Each of us will have to go through his green mile sooner or later!”
2. Rescue Private Ryan | (1998)
Director : Steven Spielberg
# Drama # Military
Rating IMDb – 8.6 / 10

Private Ryan, along with his 101st airborne division, landed behind enemy lines. All anything, but many of them were thrown away from the planned landing zones, and the connection with them was lost. And so the mission – to save!

1. Forrest Gump | (1994)
Director : Robert Zemeckis
# Drama # Melodrama IMDb
Rating – 8.8 / 10 The film tells the story of Forrest Gampa, a savant who has managed to go through a lot in his life, including the war. He managed to get on his feet and run “Run, Forest, run”. Throughout his life he remained as kind as at the beginning of his journey. He was not lucky only in love …

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