11 signs that your boss is a weak leader


And what if you are faced with such a chef.

How to understand that your manager does not know how to manage, and what to do with it, says Liz Ryan – coach, Forbes columnist.

We are used to thinking that a strong manager is a person with a strong handshake and a bossy voice. We are used to thinking that being a strong manager means acting decisively and know the answers to all the questions. But these ideas are already in the past. Strong leaders adapt to the environment in which they operate. They know how to lead, based on trust, not fear. They do not need to shout in an ordered tone, and they are strong enough not to be right always and not to be responsible for everything.

Weak leaders break down and shout at people. They rule with fear. They simply must be right: no member of their team can have a more correct answer to any question than the answer that the manager has. Weak managers can speak important and bossy – but only because they don’t want anyone to question their authority. They are too weak to engage in a real, heated discussion. They are afraid that someone below will realize that they do not always understand what they are talking about.

Today, more and more employees understand that not every manager and not every organization is worthy of their work. You have much more power and influence than you think, but this influence arises only when you are ready to use it: ready to stand up for yourself and have your own position. We are all now entering this previously uncharted territory.

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The experience of weak managers can be extremely useful. But these are lessons such as: “Never lead a team the way this person leads!” Here are 11 signs that your boss, no matter how high a position in the organizational hierarchy, is a weak leader who is afraid to manage based on trust.

1. Your main concern at work is not to anger your boss.

2. Your manager criticizes much more than praises.

3. Your boss believes that the last word on any issue lies with him.

4. Your manager does not want you to experiment and try something new.

5. When you have a good idea, you ask yourself: “Do I dare to share this idea with the boss?”

6. Your manager relies on discipline and rules to keep you and your colleagues in check.

7. You and your colleagues can easily determine when the boss is angry with any of you.

8. Your boss attaches great importance to problems such as episodic ten minutes late for work. He (or she) clings to formal rules and applies sanctions whenever these rules are violated.

9. They are afraid of your boss, and people in other departments and departments pity you.

10. You rejoice when you manage to live to the end of the working day, never having met with the boss.

11. If you tell your manager about some amazing thing that happened to you – your blog received an award, you were awarded some special title or privilege – the boss is not happy with you. He doesn’t want anyone to outshine him.

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Alas, the mass of weak managers. Too many companies continue to promote people into managerial positions based on their functional competence, despite their lack of communication skills, empathy and other human qualities. And weak managers deep down realize that they are weak. That is why they are so tough.

You don’t need to be upset if you realized that you were under the leadership of a weak leader. Each of us has worked with such a chef at least once in a lifetime. But you don’t have to tiptoe around him until the end of time. Better use this moment and make yourself a good career plan.

Perhaps there are some valuable things and skills that you can still master at this job – and maybe you will need two more years to master them. During this time, you can improve your resume, increase your competencies, increase self-confidence and clarify your further career goals.

Your weak boss can lead you all this time – or he may leave for another position, or even he will be fired. The more clearly you formulate your own goals, the less you will be disturbed by the unpleasant inclinations of your boss. This is just another dog that barks but does not bite.

Your weak boss may be horrified to learn that he is teaching you important lessons — lessons that will come in handy for you to overcome more serious obstacles in your way. But that is exactly what will happen. And the more you focus on yourself and on your self-improvement, the less importance you will attach to your boss and his bad character. When you clearly see your path, weak people cannot stop you.

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