13 phrases that scare off money


These not magic spells can deprive you of housing, leave with empty pockets, and at the same time and spoil relations with relatives.

1. Why read the contract, they are all typical. I sign!
Reading contracts from cover to cover is a habit that is even more useful than brushing your teeth. Because if you ignore a toothbrush once, nothing will happen. But one unread agreement can leave you without money and housing.

Do not take papers frivolously. The arguments “I did not know” and “I did not read” in elementary school are not considered convincing.

Signing the contract means that you have read the terms and conditions and agree with them, even if this is not the case.

Therefore, be prepared that one day you will come across unprofitable loan conditions, hidden payments , obligations that you are not able to fulfill. Or forget the phrase about standard contracts.

2. Yes, how can you save and maintain a budget with a salary of 15 thousand!
Almost under every article on savings you will find commentators who ask how and why they should save, if the income is enough only for the most necessary. However, if a person with a high salary can still afford concessions, then a small salary simply requires a reasonable attitude to spending.

Life in the conditions of austerity is hard and boring, but if there is always not enough money, it also cannot be called an eternal holiday. So it will have to work on two fronts: keep records of finances and increase revenues.

3. Only 100 rubles, this is really money!
In themselves, 100 rubles is really not the amount that is fatally affecting your budget. But if you say this phrase more often than once a month, you should think about your approach to finance.

Layfhaker already wrote how life can change if you save 100 rubles a day.

4. What is the marriage contract? We have the same love!
Today you have love and you listen to each other’s desires sensitively, but during a divorce, everything will change. Therefore, if you managed to save something before going to the registry office, go to a lawyer and draw up a marriage contract .

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In the end, if you have love, it will be clear at this stage how fair you are when dividing property and taking into account each other’s interests. So the marriage contract will protect you from losing money, and from the wrong choice of a partner.

5. Let’s arrange an apartment for my retired mom, pay less taxes
Your young family saved money for a long time, parents from both sides helped you financially, you buy an apartment. And here this fatal phrase sounds, which is seasoned with care about your money. It sounds logical, in the end, anyway, this apartment will then be inherited by the spouse.

In this scheme, too many pitfalls to agree on it.

For example, you can not sell an apartment, because it does not belong to you. The situation with the inheritance is also ambiguous: her husband and other children will claim the property of someone else’s mother, and the true owners can only get a piece of housing.

In case of a divorce, the apartment will not fall into the property to be divided at all: it is alien. History knows cases where one spouse managed to buy an apartment for the premarital savings of another and arrange an apartment for his mother. So keep your belongings closer to you.

6. Why a testament? The family, let’s share everything justly
Phrase from the creators of the misconception about the marriage contract. You live in perfect harmony with your brothers and sisters and believe that everything will be as mom wanted: the apartment to those who already live in it, the garage and the dacha to another, well, the third one does not pretend to anything, they bought a separate apartment.

Verbal agreements are also bad because they are easy to break.

There is a great chance that the property will have to be divided into equal parts according to the number of heirs, and no one will take into account to whom and how much money they have given in advance and how much is distributed.

The testament is necessary not only for older people. Suppose you are married, you have a share in the parent’s apartment. If you die, the spouse will be able to claim part of your piece of this dwelling. Even if you are surrounded by completely decent people, parents will still have to be nervous. It is unlikely that you want it.

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7. Just think, a loan for two years, but I’ll get a new iPhone now
Lending is a useful tool if you use it wisely. For example, you have a broken refrigerator. He is exactly what you need right now, otherwise you will have to eat anything. In this case, it is appropriate to borrow.

The latest phone model does not apply to such necessary expenses, especially if you have the last but one in your pocket. In addition, it is important to decide: do you need it because of some extraordinary functionality or because it is new? The status items in general should be treated more carefully: they still do not make you their own in a privileged group if you buy them on credit .

8. We are friends, give me the bill, pay for all
What is good in Hollywood films does not always work in life. In the bar under the influence of alcohol, you feel cool and generous, and tomorrow you will borrow from the same friends for bread. Compare your desires with reality before demonstrating consistency.

9. Give back as you can
Debts are a slippery topic, because it is not clear how to negotiate a refund so that you continue to be considered a good friend and relative, and not an avid usurer.

However, if the person who takes the money does not stipulate a return period, then do it yourself. For a large amount, ask for a receipt. This is normal, because the person went to you, and not to the bank, where he would be asked for more guarantees.

10. So that people are not ashamed
You just read these terrible stories about poor families, where graduates threw off 100 thousand at a banquet, it was really possible to take a house on the coast to the wedding budget, and parents were hungry for months to buy something status for the child.

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Here, the inadequacy of spending is evident, but there are less obvious things that it is not necessary to lower round sums.

It is not a shame to live within our means, but what people think there is their problems.

11. I am not a scandalous person, let him be on his conscience
Cashiers regularly cheat you, you have been repeatedly handed over defective goods, you have been deceived at the conclusion of contracts, and you are ready to endure it further. Just do not like to swear, and it is useless. And instead of a faulty TV, just buy a new one.

Such a passive position definitely makes you lose money and faith in justice. People who violate your rights, have no conscience, but you should learn to defend their interests. In the end, the TV can be returned under warranty, and the cashier indicate an error.

12. We live once!
You save up for a down payment on an apartment and have already gotten to the necessary amount, but you break down and spend your savings on the game console, phone and vacation. Because housing is a long-term goal associated with austerity and mortgage, and the joy of shopping can be obtained now.

The nuance is that life is one, but long (if lucky) and unpredictable. And if you do not think now about how you will live in 20 years, then it can be very bitter.

13. Yes, a small salary, but calmly
You are offered a promotion, but you do not agree: you need to work more in a new place, the responsibility is higher. You can’t earn all the money.

Refusing offers to earn more , you do not just hang around, but lose money, because inflation devalues ​​them. If you do nothing, your salary will soon not be enough to maintain the lifestyle you are used to.

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