15 best movies that will help get together the whole family

Surely, everyone likes to gather in the evening on a cozy sofa with the whole family and watch some cool movie. Let us give some examples of some of the best family films that have already become classics.
1. The Secret of Coco (2017)
Pixar films have always had some special magic, and over the past couple of decades, these films have become favorite for family viewing at home and in theaters. The adventures of the musician Miguel in the underworld during the Day of the Dead, apparently, were specially removed in order to make people think about the values ​​of the family.

2. The Endless Story (1984)
Here, the plot tells of the 10-year-old Bastian Buks, who needs to read a book in the attic so that Atreia (his alter ego) could save an imaginary country of fantasy. In addition to being surprisingly enjoyable for family viewing, it is also literally “saturated with nostalgia” about Generation X and the Millennials.

3. Keeper of time (2011)
The events take place in Paris in 1930. A young orphan, who lives at the station, runs away from the owner of a toy store. Acquainted with this man’s goddaughter, he took her to the cinema, and there the children understood that the owner of the toy store had once been a famous director. Then a boy and a girl together are carrying out a plan to realize the dream of the deceased boy’s father and repair the automaton. This melodrama was shot by Martin Scorsese, and starring actors such as Ace Butterfield, Chloe Grace Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Jude Law and Sasha Baron Cohen.

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4. American tail (1986)
For those who want to see something nostalgic, we can recommend a full-length cartoon about the journey of the Ukrainian Jewish mouse named Fayvel. It is about hope, even in cases where a loved one is very far away. The cartoon tells about immigration to a new place, which can be both friendly and hostile, as well as the construction of a new house filled with love, at a time when hatred destroyed the old house.

5. Coraline (2009)
In 2009, the newly created Laika Studios announced itself to the whole world with a wonderful story based on the children’s novel Neil Gaiman “Coraline”. Screenwriter and director Henry Selick (who also shot The Nightmare Before Christmas, although many believe that it was Tim Burton) shot a puppet film about a girl who moves to a new home in Oregon with strange new neighbors and a seductive fantasy country where there is loving parents, delicious food and endless fun … all this if she agrees to sew buttons on eyes.

6. Charlotte’s Web (1973)
A cheerful and energetic cartoon is a screen version of Alvin White’s classic novel about a little piglet, which the clever spider saved him from being allowed to go to bacon. This story is a great lesson about friendship.

7. Mulan (1998)
It is very likely that almost every family has already “looked to the holes” “Moana” and “Panda Kung Fu”, so it’s worth remembering about the wonderful Disney cartoons of the 1990s. “Mulan” is a screen version of a beautiful Chinese medieval ballad about a brave young woman who defied fate and went into the army, despite the sexism in her empire.

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8. The Little Princess (1995)
If someone wants to find a film to impress his family, he should watch one of Alphons Cuaron’s early gems — a remake of the 1939 Shirley Temple film. The film is about a young girl who was sent to a terrible boarding school and who thinks that her father was killed during the First World War. The film, which stands out for its stunning play of actors and gorgeous visual effects, has become a cult movie.

9. The Emperor’s Adventures (2000)
David Spade is voiced by the selfish and self-loving Inca ruler, who was turned into a lama by his intriguing adviser Ism. Teaming up with a kind villager (whose house the emperor wanted to destroy in order to make room for the waterslide), the sarcastic lama tries to regain his human body and his throne.

10. The Steel Giant (1999)
Brad Byrd’s fantastic cartoon masterpiece of the Cold War is a bit like the movie “Alien,” but in its main role is a giant robot. You can also find references to fantastic films of the 1950s, Superman, etc.

11. Jane (2017)
Who says family movies should be animated or comedies. This award-winning documentary tells of decades of chimpanzee research by the scientist Jane Goodall, who lived among monkeys in Tanzania. Jane had an extraordinary life, and her research was truly amazing.

12. The Eve of All Saints (1993)
Back in the early 1990s, the studio Hanna-Barbera decided to film an adaptation of the Ray Bradbury novel. Interestingly, the famous science fiction writer himself was a screenwriter, and also recited the text behind the scenes. The cartoon tells about a group of teenagers who went to their homes in the city on Halloween to collect sweets and get into the past.

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13. Mary and the witch flower (2017)
A Japanese animated film tells about an 11-year-old girl who falls into an enchanted kingdom, full of incredible adventures and wonders. The cartoon was very colorful and teaches children to learn about the world, as well as the study of plants.

14. In search of the galaxy (1999)
Fans of science fiction should not pass by the film Dina Parisot, which is something between a parody of “Star Trek” and a sci-fi film. The main characters of the film are former stars of a fictional series like Star Trek. They are abducted by aliens, but the actors think that they are participating in a reality show.

15. Christmas of the Brothers Mizer (2008)
One of the brothers plays Santa Claus for Christmas. Another at this time with all his might is trying to sabotage Christmas.

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