15 rules of royal education from Kate Middleton

Especially for you, we have compiled a detailed manual on raising children from the Duchess Catherine, a mother of many children and the future Queen of Great Britain.

Raising future kings and queens – what could be simpler and, at the same time, more difficult? On the one hand, mothers from the royal family have special assistants and nannies who facilitate the difficult life of parents, as well as the opportunity to educate their children in the best schools and institutes in the UK. On the other hand, such high expectations that the public makes for the children of monarchs can turn out to be a huge stress for both parents and their babies. After all, these children, who today smile sweetly and wave to reporters, tomorrow will become the face of the British monarchy.

Are there any special rules that heirs to the throne must follow from a young age? Definitely yes. But today we will talk not so much about the royal protocol, but about the human factor. Indeed, like any other mother, Kate Middleton wants her children to grow up, first of all, as worthy people. What principles does she adhere to in the process of raising her babies, and what habits does she try to instill in them?

You should talk openly about your feelings

Kate Middleton believes that the ability to express one’s feelings and emotions openly is one of the basic characteristics of a full-fledged and healthy personality, and therefore tries to teach this to his children. She strongly encourages her kids to tell their mother how they feel, what worries them. However, she tells them that you can experience any emotions – and there is nothing shameful or wrong about this. Kate herself tries to set a positive example for children: she shares with them stories about her feelings and tries to explain to them the nature of those emotions that they may not have had time to experience on their own, but have witnessed how other people show these emotions.

Forbidden topics should not be
According to the Duchess of Cambridge, confidential and honest communication on various topics is the key to a good relationship with children. If the kids have questions, then you need to be able to correctly answer them, and not laugh it off or translate the topic. And among children of royal persons, questions arise especially often, because they grow in a slightly different world than their peers. So that they do not feel lonely or lost, Kate always tries to explain to her kids how to act in certain situations and why they are sometimes expected to get something special. No matter how conservative the royal family may seem, Kate is completely not afraid of honest communication with her children on complex topics.

You need to follow the royal dress code

However, there are some formal rules adopted by the royal family that Kate Middleton has to teach his children, regardless of whether she wants to or not. For example, all young male heirs should wear shorts instead of long trousers until they are 8 years old. Ignoring this rule is considered a serious violation of the dress code. Of course, times are changing, and today many people wear clothes that a few decades ago seemed completely unacceptable. But in these matters the royal family prefers to adhere to traditions. There is a whole set of rules for the royal dress code, and yet the most important thing is that the outfits of the royal people should be stylish.

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You can’t open presents on Christmas morning
While most children around the world open their Christmas (or New Year’s) gifts immediately upon awakening, the British royal family follows a slightly different tradition. In the morning after Christmas, the Windsor visit the service in the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, so even if children are allowed to open gifts at dawn, they still will not have time to enjoy them. But this is not the main reason why such a ban applies.

This is due to the old tradition that the royal family follows to this day. A gala dinner is arranged for Christmas. After that, the parents go to the room where the tree stands and ring the Christmas bell – this is a signal for the children that you can run and open their presents. It must be ringing the bell – this is one of the most pleasant sounds in the world for young George, Charlotte and Louis.

Creative Freedom Must Be Encouraged

Kate Middleton is convinced that you need to encourage any creative impulses of your children – especially if they are associated with the creation of something with their own hands. For example, on the Queen’s 91st birthday, the elder children of the Cambridge couple presented grandmother handmade gifts. According to mom, they enjoyed the process of creating them. Kate also often invites children to help her in the kitchen when she prepares the sweet treats that Charlotte and George love so much. Children learn cooking enthusiastically and bake cookies and crispy rice cakes under the strict guidance of their mother. Kate admits that cooking with children is often not going according to plan and often leads to terrible mess in the kitchen. But this can be tolerated, because doing something together with the kids is a great happiness.

Children must learn to be independent
Some parents are used to patronizing their children very much. It seems to them that if they are not around, something irreparable can happen. However, Kate Middleton believes that children should be accustomed to independence and encourage their desire to discover the world for themselves. In her opinion, the right parenting strategy is to set a good example for your children and then watch them cope on their own. Sometimes you need to overcome yourself and allow the child to make mistakes in order to help him become an independent and responsible person in the future ( see also: “What a parental habit of Kate and William inspires the stars (but annoys the Queen)” ).

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Always remember self respect

Of course, children should learn to share with others, but – according to the Duchess of Cambridge – the proportion of healthy selfishness sometimes does not hurt. For example, if a child plays with other children, and suddenly someone takes away a toy from him, it is perfectly normal to ask her back. There is nothing wrong with not wanting your things to be taken from you. At the same time, Kate teaches her children to do this without aggression and tantrum. She is convinced that the usual “please” and an explanation of her position can be much more effective in achieving the desired. In such cases, the child must learn to uphold his principles and beliefs. And do not feel guilty about it.

Make music with children
Scientists have long proven that music has a beneficial effect on the development of a child. Therefore, the Duchess of Kate actively instills in her children a love of various musical instruments. In addition to the benefits that music lessons bring, she admits that it’s just a lot of fun to sing and dance in the palace with her children. I wonder what kind of music do the young heirs of the throne prefer?

Encourage children to find what they like

So that your children can understand what activities their soul lies for, you need to give them the opportunity to get acquainted with completely different hobbies. The Duchess of Kate believes that forcing a child to do certain things is a completely wrong way. This can lead to opposite results from those that parents expect: the baby will feel unhappy and will cease to strive to learn something new.

Therefore, the Duchess of Cambridge supports her son George’s passion for motorcycles, airplanes and helicopters. Although, as she herself admits, these hobbies scare her a little – especially motorcycles. She also fully supports the desire of Charlotte’s daughter to ride horses, despite the fact that she herself has never been a fan of this sport ( see also: “What does Prince George compete with Princess Charlotte” ).

Stop eating at the same time as grandmother
The following rule applies exclusively to the traditions of the royal family. At the meals the Queen takes part in, everyone should remember that as soon as Her Majesty has set aside cutlery, you should follow her example. Regardless of whether you are full or not, this rule must be strictly followed. Of course, this is not so easy for children to understand. But Kate Middleton has been trying to instill this habit in her babies since childhood, because – however that may be – they are part of the royal family. And centuries-old traditions are its basis.

Monitor your posture

The Duchess of Cambridge also teaches George and Charlotte to make sure their backs are straight. After all, no one wants to see stooped princes and princesses, right? Therefore, if children forget about posture, mom carefully reminds them of this. In addition, the children of royal persons should not keep their hands in their pockets when they appear in public.

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Take special training on media relations
If you are a prince or princess, you will have to go through a fairly detailed training on interacting with the media before you leave Kensington Palace. At a minimum, you should know how to behave when photographers begin to take pictures of you. Recently, Kate and William began to independently teach their kids etiquette. And, as we can judge from the photographs and videos, George has professionally mastered the so-called “Windsor wave” – a gesture of greeting used by members of the royal family. He must have inherited this from his father, because Prince William learned to wave his hand royally when he was only 18 months old ( see also: “The Art of Curtsy: How Modern Princesses and Queens Greet Each Other” ).

Learn several foreign languages ​​since childhood

Most members of the royal family speak foreign languages: for example, the Queen speaks excellent French, Prince Philip can speak French and German, Prince Harry speaks Arabic, Prince William speaks French and (Welsh) Welsh, and Prince Charles speaks Welsh and German. Thus, knowledge of at least one foreign language is a prerequisite for the closest heirs to the throne in Britain.

And, of course, the sooner you start teaching your children a foreign language, the easier it will be for them later. So Prince George and Princess Charlotte recently started learning Spanish. And there is reason to expect that as soon as they master it, they will begin to study another language.

Special “educational days”
Despite the fact that the children of Cambridge can learn a lot from their parents and mentors, without even leaving the Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton arranges special “educational days” outside the walls of the house. For example, she goes with children to various exhibitions, introduces them to history and art. And, apparently, Charlotte and George really like this. Kate said that the young prince was greatly impressed by the sculptures presented at the Natural History Museum in London.

To teach children to be grateful

Some people think that the children of monarchs are very spoiled, that they take all the gifts of fate for granted. However, Kate Middleton since childhood teaches her children to treat everything that they have with gratitude. Young George and Charlotte (and maybe even Louis) already know that they should always show appreciation when presented with a gift. They understand the importance of the word “thank you.” For example, when Barack Obama and his wife visited Kensington Palace, they specially brought a rocking horse for Prince George. And a little boy came out to them in his pajamas, despite the late hour, to thank.

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