15 tips from a billionaire: those who want to be happy and successful


Wise advice from Charles Mapinger to graduates of Southern California University.

1. Remember, success, fame and trust must be earned.

The world will give you everything you desire if you present yourself in its place.

People who have chosen this life principle for themselves receive both money and fame.
Deserving trust, they get and respect. Gain recognition, justifying someone’s trust, is worth a lot.

2. Admire strong and correct personalities.

There is no other love than that based on the admiration of another person. At the same time, this person does not have to be a contemporary. The main thing is that his example is important to you. You admire his actions and fortitude.

3. Learn new things. Put your knowledge into practice

Life is a constant search for new knowledge. Without personal and professional growth, you will not be able to realize yourself in any area.

If you want to succeed, then your education should not end at the moment when you leave the University.
Humanity is developing, creating new inventions. You can develop thanks to new knowledge.

4. Learn to navigate around. At least a little

I determined that the main ideas are 95 percent of important information in any field. I drew these ideas from the basic disciplines. They became part of my thinking. Of course, it is not enough just to know something. It is necessary to use this knowledge.

Thanks to this approach, I managed to realize myself and become a millionaire. I did my job more efficiently and helped people.
But there is in this principle and its nuances. It is possible that your boss and experts in other areas will no longer be your authority. After all, your knowledge base will be more, and you will be able to find the right solutions faster than they. But all this will not matter if you just learn this information for the mark on the exam. You must understand these ideas, understand their essence, and then they will become part of your thinking. Only in this way can you realize your knowledge in practice.

5. Reflect on the causes of problems, and not just overcome their consequences.

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If you look at the problem from a different angle, you can find more effective methods for solving it.

If you want to help India, you have to ask yourself, not how I can help this country, but what is its biggest problem and how to solve it. At first glance it may seem that it is identical. But actually it is not. Those who remember algebra tasks at your school know that transferring a member of an equation from one part of it to another can help untie the task.

6. Be responsible. Irresponsibility can neutralize all your positive qualities.

If you can not rely on, then all your virtues absolutely nothing. Do everything reliably and conscientiously. Do not be lazy.

7. Avoid extremes

You should not be an ardent supporter of any ideology. Even if many of its components you like. You probably met people with limited views. For example, representatives of a particular religion who, in principle, cannot accept a person’s point of view if it contradicts their religious dogma. Radical followers of doctrines, religions, various philosophical schools are united by one quality – they do not think freely.

The same applies to political morals. At a young age it is easy to become an adherent of a certain political direction. And over time, more and more to drive themselves to this political ideology. And gradually, you will forget how to think independently. All your thoughts will be formed based on your political beliefs.

Every time I think about it, I remember athletes from Scandinavia. Kayakers successfully conquered all rapids in their homeland. And they decided to try their hand in the United States. In the end, it cost them their lives. The big whirlpool is clearly not the place to strive for. The same can be said about radical ideology.

8. Get rid of pity, resentment and anger at yourself.

Envy, anger at yourself, hurt – why do you need it? Why do you need all these catastrophic thinking patterns? Moreover, you can quickly get used to them.

One of my friends always has a pile of cards with him. When a person tells him a story overflowing with self-pity, he gives him one of these cards, on which it is written, you touched me very much, the first time I met a man with whom so many misfortunes happened.

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Of course, it can be considered a prank. But, at the moment when you start to feel sorry for yourself, and the reason for pity is not important, because the situation will not fix it, you can give yourself a similar card. When you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you will gain a huge advantage. Do not place the blame on anyone else, or on the circumstances. You are responsible for the decisions you make, and for the actions you have committed.

9. Work with people you like.

You will get more pleasure from life, if you are inspired by the person with whom you work. I determined for myself what people at work I admire and tried to cooperate with them. Thus, the people who set an example for me have made my work more enjoyable and effective.

10. Always be objective. Even in those moments when it is very difficult.

Darwin always focused on the indisputable facts. Objectivity is necessary for people for the correctness of their thinking. Darwin’s method and checklists can help you stay objective. Comparing everything according to the established list, you can avoid mistakes.

11. Give the opportunity to lead capable people.

Everyone will only benefit if the affairs will be engaged in an able person who knows how to make the right decisions. This is a mandatory development principle. After all, you will not choose a doctor for your child among the 100 applicants, only some of whom are really professionals in their field. Or you are unlikely to agree to fly an airplane that an inexperienced designer would design. You are not interested in hiring lazy or incompetent people. And even more so, to entrust them with important tasks. You need each employee to contribute to the development of your organization to the best of his abilities.

12. Remember, you will be more successful in what you are really interested in.

It is difficult to set goals and work on the result in the area that you are not interested. Success is much easier if you like what you are doing. You can understand a lot of things. But to become the best in an area that is not interesting is almost impossible. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, realize yourself in what you like.

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13. Start and proceed until you finish the process.

Two of my friends opened a construction company. All duties they shared equally. Also taking on one important commitment – if we don’t have time to do everything in time, we will work longer, and so on until the task is completed. Worth saying. That their company has evolved, and they have succeeded.

14. Failures can temper you.

Never be all smooth. Failure experienced absolutely everything. Everyone must be prepared for injustices and blows of fate. Just some people overcome it, others do not. Very correct words once said the ancient philosopher from Greece – Epictetus. Every misfortune is an opportunity to test yourself and learn something. You should not feel sorry for yourself, but project the blow of fate into the direction necessary for you.

15. Trust people

This is the last thought I want to voice before you begin legal practice. Precautions, legal procedures – so much of this in our work. But this is not the highest form of civilization.

The main thing is when people entrust each other, and not just follow the previously established rules. If several lawyers are involved in the process, and each of them will try to take control of the reins in their hands, the process is doomed to failure. Trust is necessary in your personal life. If before the wedding you left the marriage contract for several dozen sheets, think, maybe you should not tie yourself to the knot.

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