20 facts about living in Norway

The combination of civilization and nature in Norway is just perfect. If you want to go on a trip to Norway or even plan to move to this northern country, our information will be useful to you.
1. Public transport in Norway is very well developed. Almost never need to stand for a long time at a bus stop and wait for transport. Of course, sometimes trams linger in traffic, but it’s literally 3-4 minutes.
2. Much attention is paid to ecology. Necessarily sorted garbage.
3. Almost all people have small wallets – card holders. Cash is almost not used, everywhere paying with cards.
4. In Norway, everything is expensive. It is not strange, but in Oslo one of the cheapest duty-free in the world. Norwegians never buy anything in other duty free, because everything is really cheaper from them.
5. The largest number of electric vehicles in Norway. For electric vehicles there are all sorts of concessions. For example, you can park for free, you do not need to pay taxes, etc.
6. Norwegians never say “Be healthy” to those who sneezed. Usually, everyone just ignores when someone sneezes.
7. If a person wants to ask for something, they always add the word “wanted.” For example, “would you like to open the door for me?”
8. In Norway, they say: “There is no bad weather, there is bad clothing.”
9. There are very few enterprises in the country that produce something. Even the famous salted salmon is not produced in Norway. Norwegians grow (harvest) salmon, export it to Germany, process it there, and then Norwegians buy their salmon back.
10. Norway is mainly engaged in the export of its own resources.
11. Norwegians are hypercommunicative. All greet each other and easily start a conversation with unfamiliar people.
12. Prices in grocery stores are quite high. Many go to Sweden for groceries, where food can be bought at half the price.
13. There is a tax on international purchases on the Internet.
14. Norwegians are not proud of the Vikings, considering them barbarians.
15. Everyone who has a TV at home, even if they do not turn it on, must pay for the license several times a year.
16. Children are treated very carefully and attentively. Pregnancy is free. All problems with the health of a pregnant woman, nursing mommy or the baby are also solved without money.
17. Twice a year in volunteer work in all apartment buildings. Usually in spring and autumn all the neighbors get together and do something in the yard (they clean the leaves, cut the trees, plant flowers, etc.).
18. In Norway it is considered abnormal to breastfeed after one year.
19. In Norway, there are white nights.
20. At first, Norwegian food may seem kind of irregular, unaesthetic and tasteless. But over time you get used to it.

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