4 boxers who have tremendous punching power. The first in the world.

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Not many are really worthy of heights. Among the thousands of people exercising on an ongoing basis, observing strictly proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, there is still one or only a few people who are stronger than everyone else. Either in strength, or experience, or something else.

And the fighters are trained in order to give the viewer a beautiful fight and colorful emotions to a person. Watching the fight, he felt like a part of it, raised his adrenaline level, got up and cheered for someone.

Many athletes give themselves a good kick. Many build up a hitting technique. Often, it is from the attack technique that its strength, its power comes from. Muscle strength is secondary here.

Today we will tell you about four such fighters.

Let’s start with Ernie Shavers. He also has a middle name – Puncher of the Century, waxed in the top ten punchers in 2003. From his really serious achievements, you can tell about the fight with Muhammad Ali, in which Ernie lasted all fifteen rounds. He did not win, but he fought on a par with the legend. And the power of his blow is simply amazing!

The next in our article will feature Baer Max, who won 52 knockout fights in his entire career. American by birth, as well as world champion in 1934-1935s.

Once he managed to hit an opponent so hard (it was Frankie Campbell) that he had to end his fighting career. Max Baer took away not only his career, by the way, in this battle. He was very much afraid of maiming or killing someone. He is known for defeating the favorite boxer from Adolf Hitler in 1933 .

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Now let’s talk about Big George. Surprisingly, he also managed to defeat Muhammad Ali, he did it through tactics. Based on the fact that over time, George Foreman fizzles out. This strong man’s uppercut equals 1900 psi or 1330 kg!

Just imagine!

Finally, we will say a few words about the well-known Mike Tyson. Of the 58 fights, Tyson has fifty wins, and of them forty-four by knockout. His career in wrestling is not that great, but he has become a real legend.

Almost everyone knows him. Even people who are not fond of wrestling know his name. Its strength is equal to 1800 psi. This is approximately 1260 kilograms.

What other famous boxers with tremendous punching power do you know? Share in the comments!

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