5 anime, where everyone thinks that the main character is weak, and he is stronger than all

Often you can meet interesting anime, where the main character is initially exposed weak, who is far enough away from the rest. In such anime due to the efforts of the protagonist create an incredible emotional intensity. That is, from the very first seconds, from the first series, we almost shout at the screen – “empathize with the main character”.

But then, over time, his true strength begins to unfold, which is able to give light to any strong opponent. Most of the time I have seen something similar in the senens. I have prepared five excellent anime, which uses such a technique.

5 – “Login Horizon” (2013)

If you look at the general view, this anime copies too much from the Hippe Sword Art Online (2012). However, Login Horizon (2013) uses only a similar outlook. About 30 thousand people in Japan were captives of crazy developers, they are in the virtual world, as if in captivity. Among them is the main character Siroe, who initially shovels away from most units. His stats do not inspire confidence, but there is a special skill in him – this is an ideal strategic thinking. Gradually, he makes his way to the top of the game rating.

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4 – “The 35th Detachment of the Anti-Magic Academy” (2015)

Mankind has to share the world with different rose creatures: witches, strange mythical creatures. Scattered around the world dangerous artifacts that can give special strength. To stop the spread of witches, it was decided to create a special program for training Inquisitors, special soldiers. Takeru Kusanage becomes a member of the 35th detachment, which is considered a rabble and weaklings. Now the main character will have a hard time making his way to respect from other people and the military. Here is bad luck: he is not friends with firearms, and becomes an outcast in the settling squad. What is the solution he can find in this situation?

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3 – “Devourer of the Gods” (2015)

Unknown creatures Aragami devoured humanity at the end of the 21st century. Destroyed civilizations, the instantaneous extermination of the population has turned the planet into a wasteland. But there are people who are developing a special weapon “Dzhinki”, capable of killing monsters, but to control such a tool you must have impressive strength. The protagonist at first can not adequately show himself, because of what others have stuck a weak brand. But Utsugi’s strong desire to exterminate monsters gradually turns him into an invincible soldier who easily kills Arags.

2 – “Ben-to” (2011)

Interesting enough anime that strikes with a strange plot. When in supermarkets declare discounts on food, the real struggle for it begins. This is not an allegory or joke. Sato Yu accidentally sees a delicious bento with a 50% discount. And at the same moment loses consciousness. For this delicacy began the real massacre. At first, this little fellow falls after one stroke, but then unexpectedly reveals unique skills of agility and speed, which makes him one of the potential owners of the desired food!

1 – “Black Bullet” (2014)

A huge and impressive epidemic with a deadly virus killed all of humanity on a small piece of land. Rentaro Satomi is trying to help all people cope with Gastrias, special creatures that spread the deadly infection. Together with Enge they make up a small duet, which by efficiency takes 123,452 places. This is an insignificant figure. Everyone does not perceive them as competitors for primacy. And all because of the main character, who is once weaker than his partner. Gradually, he manages to reveal his inner potential with swift steps, which is why there is a chance to rise sharply in the rating.

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