5 best gaming buddies we won’t forget

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Games often slip us partners who can accompany the player both in one mission and the whole game, most of them do not help, but rather, on the contrary, they interfere with the player’s goal, and they interfere so much that without them it would be even more convenient to play the game. but on rare occasions you come across companions no less useful than the player himself.

Garrus is considered the best companion by almost everyone who played in Mass Effect and as much as I was more inclined towards Thane Krios, I agree with the general opinion.

Garrus Vakkarian is an accomplished Turian sniper, gifted with special tactical skills, formerly employed by C-Sec and now a folk avenger named Archangel on the Omega Space Station. He can be called not only an experienced fighter, but also a good friend of Shepard, so he immediately attracts the player.

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On the battlefield, Garrus shows himself as well as other companions and has very useful skills in his arsenal, for example, armor-piercing cartridges or stunning shots. It is worth giving him a powerful sniper rifle (preferably with a lot of damage, not rate of fire), send him to take a good position and all the enemies in your path will fall from Garrus’s well-aimed shots.

Despite his terrible appearance, Fox is kind and quite positive about people and at the same time has a high level of intelligence. He is one of the first so-called “super mutants” that were created as a result of scientific experiments.

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What is this big guy useful for? Of all the companions in the game, Fox has the most HP and physical strength, and also has the largest inventory size. So, when compared to other companions, Fox is the most useful assistant in Fallout 3, which is definitely worth taking with you.


Yes, Ellie is a key character in the game, but that is why she is also an irreplaceable assistant to the protagonist. This 14-year-old girl, who is immune to the virus, will help throughout the game The Last of Us, which is based on the interaction of protagonist Joel and Ellie, so here the developers have worked hard and created an assistant that simply cannot be useless.

The girl knows how to show her character, sometimes she is quick-tempered, which is why some players dislike her as a character. She is curious, so she likes to read books, and you can’t call her a coward, because she was a student at a military school.

Sweetheart Elizabeth, for me, is the most attractive character in this collection (or maybe you prefer Fox?). Anna is the daughter of the protagonist, but he “sold” his daughter to Robert and Rosalind Lutes, who locked her in a tower for research of emerging abilities

The girl’s character is simple and it is pleasant to spend time with her, and in battle Anna shows herself even more useful, as she will help the player to look for first-aid kits and ammunition, and with the help of her superpowers, provide the player with invaluable help in the fight against enemies in Bioshock Infinite.

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Again a girl, but this time from the more old game Half-Life 2. Alix is ​​part of the Resistance fighting the Alliance and she is one of the most important characters in the game.

Alix possesses excellent hacker and technical knowledge, as well as knows how to handle different types of weapons, which will bring many benefits to the player. Moreover, the girl created her own robot and endowed it with the mind of a dog, which will also sometimes help the protagonist.

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