5 heroes who are too strong for their universe!

The world of video games offers many worlds where we can feel like a cool hero, but some developers completely forget about the sense of proportion and make the main characters incredibly powerful. It’s about games where the main character is a living god who cuts through the masses of enemies on the way to his goal!

Doom Soldier – Doom series

A warrior of whose strength is legendary even in Hell! The Doom Marine has always been an extremely skillful soldier, but in the latter part he was portrayed as an absolute destroyer, capable of alone against an entire army! An unbridled predator – this is what they called this devil and these are not empty words.


Kratos – God of War series

Godicide Kratos has seen a lot in his long life, but even being in old age, he still cheerfully sweeps the Gods of the Scandinavian pantheon. After many battles, one gets the impression that nothing in this world will be able to defeat him. Twin blades, bald head and unprecedented experience make him one of the most invincible protagonists in games.


Dante – DMC series

The complete opposite of the previous protagonist, Dante, is two entities, Hell and Paradise. Incredibly charismatic, but at the same time frivolous Dante at first glance may seem like a weak hero, but you should not look at a rather young age. Already now, he is calmly competing with the same Kratos and the next deicide.

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Asura- Asura’s wrath

An aspect of eternal rage and one that Kratos cannot defeat so easily. Just like Kratos, Asura is a highly skilled warrior whose experience has been tempered in thousands of battles. In his last form, Asura was able to kill the Creator of the Universe, which already speaks of the exclusivity of his skills.



This character came from the pen of the creator of DMC, so it is not surprising that the main character of the game ended up being the same fire tornado as Dante. An abundance of acrobatics, incredible combos and sharpened weapons are the key to success in battle, according to Bayonetta. An incredibly huge arsenal of techniques of the type: slowing down time, transforming the body and over (strength, dexterity, strength, endurance) makes her the most powerful female character in video games.

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