5 most underrated games in history

The gaming industry is not always the place where talented and courageous people achieve success. Publishers rarely give money for big games that do not belong to the existing series and present some new mechanics or unusual settings, because such projects often fail, and sometimes famous words in the title do not save from this fate. We remembered 5 cool projects that disappointed their publishers, although they were great and unique games.

Mirror’s Edge

One of the most innovative and unique games that remains so even after 12 years. Even more surprising, it was made by the authors of the series.Battlefield ofDICE , and published by the notoriously greedy EA. Unfortunately, modest sales of the game only bolstered the beliefs of the company’s management about fresh and unusual projects.

The gameplay of Mirror’s Edge consists entirely of very realistic first-person parkour set in the dystopian metropolis of the future: snow-white buildings all around, sterile landscapes and rare accents of bright colors. The essence of the game is to learn to make routes on the fly and maintain the heroine’s speed, which is gained gradually and lost with any serious mistake. After completing the campaign, you can freeze for a long time in the time trial mode, competing with your own ghost and the records of other players until you memorize the map perfectly, find the most optimal route and complete all tricks without a single mistake.

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Fully mastering the mechanics of Mirror’s Edge is not easy, but the process will bring little pleasure to parkour and platformer fans as well as speedrunners. But the mass audience was not interested in the unusual game, but over time it became really cult.

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Tales from the Borderlands

In short: this is the best thing Telltale Games has done. Five episodes of an interactive series based on a famous series of shooters were my first acquaintance with the universeBorderlands , I couldn’t even dream of a better scenario. Of course, there are a lot of references for fans and there are already famous characters like Handsome Jack in one of the central roles, but no additional knowledge is required to get great pleasure.

It seems Tales from the Borderlands felt so fresh, because in it the developers finally left the drama and returned to the comedy – they get it much more sincere. In each episode of the adventures of the former corporate clerk and his team of mercenary scum there are several scenes from which you want to laugh out loud, although the plot develops very quickly and does not give a damn about each of the central characters. Finally, Telltale’s signature cell-shading style finally looks organic here, since Borderlands is also made in it.

Tales from the Borderlands could have been the perfect series for several seasons, but its sales were no match for, for example, The Walking Dead from the same developers.


Against the backdrop of Battlefield and Call of Duty, a new shooter from Respawn Entertainment (formed from former CoD writers) looked cool and groundbreaking. Huge movement speed, double jumps, wall running, parkour, very mobile vertical gameplay, excellent shooting, the ability to pilot giant robots of different classes or climb on their backs to blow them up. Pure sci-fi madness at its best, and most importantly, the idea was really fun to play.

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Titanfall 2 just got better at everything, and also features a short but very spirited storyline campaign that cannot but be compared to the “Steel Giant” cartoon.

The reasons for the relative failure of both games are very offensive: the first part first appeared only on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (which had scanty popularity in the first years of its life), and the second came out right between Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Alpha protocol

Obsidian Entertainment is known as one of the best RPG developers and the best contemporaryFallout – New Vegas – but working exclusively on other people’s episodes, apparently, is not always interesting. For total creative freedom, the team created their wildest and weirdest project, Alpha Protocol, a spy RPG game in which you never know which allies you can really trust.

The game turned out to be a disgusting combat system, but only a few can compare with the nonlinearity of Alpha Protocol. The game tracks an unthinkable number of decisions and actions of the player, including very little things: characters can comment in different ways, even what clothes you decide to wear. You can kill bosses, or find secret alternative paths of passage – for example, put them to sleep before meeting or bypass them altogether, or even recruit enemies to your side.

As imperfect and buggy as Alpha Protocol is, everyone should play it.


The development was led by one of the veterans of Capcom and Konami Yoshiki Okamoto (worked, among other things, on Street Fighter 2 and Resident Evil ), and the setting was based on Celtic mythology rarely seen in games. The action takes place in the village of Doolin on the west coast of Ireland. In each chapter you have to choose which of the two main characters to play: for the journalist Keats or the student Ellen. The stories of the heroes are intertwined with each other, and during the passage, the player moves between Doolin and the locations of the Lower World – the kingdom of fairies.

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A mixture of Irish scenery, mythology and fairy-tale creatures made Folklore jRPG with a unique atmosphere that is impossible to forget later. At the same time, battles unfold in real time: the player can absorb the spirits of killed enemies and receive up to 4 unique abilities at the same time.

Since Folklore was released in 2007 and was one of the first games for the PS3, and also due to the rather nondescript trailers, many did not pay attention to it. At the same time, critics praised the RPG’s atmosphere and art design, and mostly criticized the long downloads.

The game had a sequel planned, but Sony did not fund it due to the low sales of the original.

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