5 reasons Fantastic Beasts became the world’s most problematic franchise

The wizarding world created in the Harry Potter books and shown in the movies brought fame, fame and money to everyone who was involved in its creation. Unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. decided to expand the story and earn extra money on untold stories about wizards. For this, it was decided to show the audience the events that took place 70 years before the events were Potter and were not described in books.

Initially, it was planned to release three films about “Fantastic Beasts”, then it was decided to increase them to five. And now that the third part is being filmed, the franchise has become the most problematic creative asset in the world. We understand the reasons.

5. Script

The first film about Newt Scamander was generally well received by audiences who yearn for the world of magic. And it was after a warm welcome that it was announced to make not a trilogy, but a pentalogy.

But already “The Crimes of Grindelwald” revealed the weaknesses of such an idea. The story seemed drawn out, and the actions of the heroes raised questions. In addition, in the film there were almost no fantastic creatures themselves and there really were no crimes of Grindelwald.

This required the studio to change the premiere date, and from J.K. Rowling to revise the original plot plans.

4. Director

British director David Yates has a stranglehold on the wizarding world of magic since the fifth Harry Potter film. Under his “sensitive” guidance, whole storylines were cut out in the pictures about the young wizard, bright scenes were simplified, and the characters became flat.

With Fantastic Beasts included, Yeats has already shot six films in this universe. This is a lot even for the most talented stage director. It’s foolish to speculate, but it’s possible if someone else had shot the second movie about “Beasts”, the picture would have turned out better. Or maybe not.

In any case , a fresh look at the franchise can give it a second wind. In the meantime, there are fears that the same thing may happen to the world of magic as happened to Michael Bay’s Transformers , where the latest films, although they made the box office, turned out to be empty shells. But Travis Knight’s new vision with Bumblebee was a breath of fresh air .

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The first Harry Potter film is 20 years old. Which of the actors has not survived to this day?
Script and director are production challenges that can be overcome on a routine basis. But the studio is not able to solve the following difficulties.

3. Johnny Depp

Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of beatings and violence. This happened some time after the premiere of the first Fantastic Beasts.

A bunch of activists immediately began to demand the replacement of the actor, but members of the film crew and J.K. Rowling herself came out in support of him. Depp stayed, but talk that he can be replaced or reduced the party of his character to a minimum still periodically arise.

The actor himself did not remain silent or admit guilt. On the contrary, he categorically dismissed all the innuendo and made mirrored accusations against Hurd. Now the couple is sorting out the relationship in court. Depp also sued British tabloid The Sun for an article in which he appears to be a repulsed drug addict and rapist.

For the studio, this is a stalemate in which there are no good solutions. And she probably still comes around.

2. Ezra Miller

The performer of the role of Credence Barebone is considered one of the most shocking young actors in Hollywood. He attracts attention to himself not by his work in films, but by his antics outside the big screen. Either he unexpectedly comes to a meeting with fans in a pink dress, then he curses his hands with the “Avada Kedavra” curse, then he begins to strangle a woman in a store.

It was the last incident that caused a storm of emotions among viewers all over the world. After this incident, petitions arose demanding to remove the actor from the role of Credence and from the role of Flash in the DC MCU .

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The case took place in Iceland in April. There they were filming a triquel about Newt Scamander. In the video, a female fan asked Miller to fight. Kind of like a joke. Miller did not seem to appreciate the humor, grabbed the fan by the neck and knocked her down. What exactly happens in the video, why the actor behaves this way and whether the victim has any complaints is unknown. Neither side commented on this case. There was no explanation from the Reykjavik police, who seemed to be summoned. In general, solid questions.

And if the bosses of the studio asked them to Miller, then it seems that the answers satisfied them, as the actor continues to work. But he threw a portion of spice and a pinch of negativity to the film.

1. J.K. Rowling

Potteriana’s mom, film producer and scriptwriter, has catalyzed outbreaks of hatred from gender minorities. The writer, who has always advocated equality and reflected this message in her books, suffered because of her active citizenship. This was due to her comments on Twitter and further clarification in a separate article.

In short, Rowling believes that the definition of a person’s gender should not be blurred. Men who become women after hormone therapy and surgery should not be considered women. And the same applies to those men who simply define themselves as women, but do not physically change their gender.

“If you let a man into the women’s locker room who considers himself a woman, then you are letting a man into the women’s locker room. I refuse to bow to a movement that seems to me to be doing obvious harm, seeking to undermine ‘woman’ as a political and biological class, ”Rowling explained.

At the same time, trans women, according to the writer, deserve protection, as they are vulnerable and prone to violence.

Rowling’s opinion on gender identity was disagreed by the leading actors – Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Green and Eddie Redmayne, who unexpectedly and very monotonously turned out to be ardent supporters and defenders of the trans community.

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Trinity from the film adaptations of books with the author of the Harry Potter novels

The largest foreign portals about the world of wizardry have introduced a special hashtag, according to which readers can exclude news about Rowling that are not related to books or films.

And trans-minorities presented the writer as the main oppressor in general and even offered to deprive her of the authorship of her own books. Nonsense, of course, but it’s a real fact.

What’s next?

The first film about fantastic creatures grossed $ 814 million, the second already $ 654 million, despite Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore.

Add the complexity listed above to the decrease in viewer interest and you have the most problematic franchise of today.

What should the studio do in such a situation? Obviously, the studio will not refuse the services of Rowling, Depp and Miller at once. It is also wrong to allow a small group of activists to dictate the terms of how to do business and who to hire as employees.

The most correct way out is simply to keep working. But the closer the film’s release date (November 12, 2021), the more various initiatives to boycott it will begin to appear. It would be nice to develop anti-crisis PR strategies now and look for appropriate specialists.

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