5 reasons why Hermione should have dated Harry and not Ron

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The trinity of inseparable friends by the end of the Harry Potter series turned into a couple and their friend. And personally, the relationship between Ron and Hermione was not convinced. Yes, Rowling made small eyeliners in the fourth and sixth parts, but, in my humble opinion, she did not reach the status of “logical and convincing”.

And Rowling herself later said that she did not believe in a couple of Ron and Hermione. But there is a person who suits Hermione much better – this is Harry . Rowling seemed to understand this, and in her “fanfiction” she decided to turn everything upside down – the adult Ron became more adequate, and the adult Harry became a very mediocre father. But we rely on canon, and let’s look at 5 reasons why Hermione would be better off staying with Harry than dating Ron.

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They don’t have such a huge difference in intelligence.

To be honest, it is difficult to compete in intelligence with Hermione. But there is a huge gap between her and Ron. The last epithet that can be used to describe Ron is “intelligent” person.

Yes, in real life there are a lot of couples where a smart woman meets a not the smartest man. But most of these couples either fall apart or live without any harmony. Ron and Hermione’s relationship will gradually deteriorate as Hermione doesn’t get enough intellectual output. And their interests diverge too much.

Throughout history, Harry has shown himself to be a slightly smarter and more skillful person in the magical craft.

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They are incredibly compassionate.

Harry and Hermione have shown throughout history that they are no stranger to helping friends, acquaintances, and just other people. Hermione was extremely passionate about freeing the house elves. She even erased her parents’ memories in order to protect them and save the world.

And Harry looks a lot like Hermione. He worries deeply for Dobby, his friends, and willingly risked his life for others. For example, the Triwizard Tournament, when he “rescued” Fleur’s sister from the lake.

They trust each other

There is a deep bond of trust and understanding between Harry and Hermione. They resemble each other more than anyone else in their environment. Hermione never doubts Harry, and he is always sure of what she does.

When Harry learned that Voldemort had to destroy him, Hermione immediately knew what he wanted to do and offered to go with him.

They never quarrel

There is one interesting moment in the Harry-Ron-Hermione friendship. Ron and Hermione were constantly arguing with each other throughout the seven parts, cursing, and Hermione was constantly annoyed by the behavior of the “redhead”.

Between Harry and Hermione, things are much easier and calmer. Can you remember the cases of conflicts between them from the summer? As mentioned above, these two trust each other, and sincerely enjoy every moment they spend together.

Hermione cares a lot about Harry

From the moment she adjusted his glasses on the Hogwarts Express, Hermione had been with Harry at the most important moments in history, unlike Ron. She did not turn her back on him during the Triwizard Tournament, worried when Umbridge forced Harry to use a black feather, erased her parents’ memories of her to help Harry in his search for the Horcruxes. For whom can you do this if not for a person you deeply love?

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And Harry repaid her in kind – he was there to support her during Ron’s relationship with Lavender Brown. In DS, the two spend a lot of time together, from the touching moment of dancing in the tent (film) to their dangerous adventure in Godric’s Hollow.

Harry and Hermione went through so much together and yet remained very devoted to each other, which is why it’s so amazing that it didn’t end differently between them.

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