5 villains in games we sympathized with

They beat and cried.

One of the worst things that happens with story games is a clichéd evil villain and his gruesome atrocities. And his mission is to take over the world (somehow). And he is also Russian . Fortunately, in most games, villains are prescribed well, and in some cases we even feel sympathy for them, because we ourselves do not know how we would have behaved in their place.

All the villains from Metal Gear who want to sympathize with would not fit in here, so we collected five bad guys from other games.

Marlene from The Last of Us

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Throughout the game, The Last of Us is haunted by the feeling that all moral choices are wrong – whatever we choose will end up being wrong. This is especially evident at the end of the first part, where Joel kills Marlene.

She warned Joel what would happen to Ellie – she would have to sacrifice her life for the vaccine, but he did not want to hear anything. Marlene even released him alive, which led to his death – Joel killed the guards, the doctors and got to Ellie. Further events show his worst side: he shoots an unarmed woman, and then returns to finish her off. Even if you agree with Joel and would not sacrifice your relationship with your adopted daughter, there is still a drop of sympathy for Marlene – yet, she was simply and naively trying to save the world. Well, it didn’t work out.

Summer from the Witcher 2

Summer of Gulet is considered the main antagonist of the game. He is bald and huge, so many people may get the wrong impression that he is a stupid jock. This is not at all the case – he is one of the smartest people in this universe.

Witcher’s craft is dying out, and people whom witchers save from monsters look at them with contempt – in general, this is definitely not the kind of work that you dream of doing when you grow up. And then the Empire appears, promises to revive their dying school of the Serpent, if Leto helps to destroy the northern rulers. How gracefully he fulfilled the order! Whatever you do, Summer will always be one step ahead, if not two. Maestro himself would have praised him for overplaying cheap stuff. Doesn’t he deserve life for the ingenious multi-move that will become clear by the very end of the game?

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Prince Arthas Menethil of Warcraft
There will be no excuses for killing his father, resurrecting Sylvanas and Kel’Thuzad, and other dubious decisions, only what pushed the prince to the dark side – yes, Stratholme. Here is a short retelling of events from former Hearthstone game designer Ben Brod (you can turn on Russian subtitles).

Arthas had the best teachers since childhood, so he joined the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand at the age of 19 and became a really good warrior. From such self-esteem clearly skyrocketed, and Artes tried in every possible way to confirm his own heroism. So it happened in Stratholme – first of all, he tried to save everyone else, giving a brutal order to destroy the city along with all the inhabitants. They had already eaten the contaminated grain, so killing them in human form, or later, when they became zombies, no longer mattered – the townspeople of Stratholme simply could not survive in any case.

His mentor Uther and his beloved Jaina did not support the inhuman purification plan. Arthas’ main adversary, Mal’Ganis, fled Stratholme to Northrend, and Arthas followed him – there his team would be completely defeated, if not for the blade of Frostmourne.

The prince was warned that a powerful weapon would subdue his soul, but he had few options – so he kept his oath to kill Mal’Ganis, but for this he had to sacrifice everything. It is a pity that Arthas was too stupid and presumptuous to understand the insidious plan – they were just expecting “bad” decisions from him in order to quickly lure him over to the Lich King’s side.

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Pagan Min from Far Cry 4

Like the previous hero on this list, Pagan was born into an influential family – his father was a famous rich mafioso, and Pagan knew nothing about his mother. But unlike Arthas, Pagan and his adoptive sister Yuma were never raised. From childhood he learned about the structure of the criminal life and became the same gangster, like everyone around him. Then – well, ambition shouldn’t be lost – Pagan took over Kirat, a small impoverished country in the Himalayas. To do this, he had to betray Mohan, the leader of one of the groups fighting for power, but in the end, Mohan survived, and Pagan got his way.

The protagonist of Far Cry 4 is Ajay Gail, the son of the deceived Mohan and the spy Ishwari. He returns to his homeland to scatter the ashes of his mother in an important place for her – the Lakshmana temple. Here, if you do not know the backstory, you will be wildly enraged by Pagan Min and his eccentricity – he does not follow his tongue, hits his subordinate with a fork and throws money, but the next story (which will appear in the alternative ending) will also show the good side of the king.

He will tell Ajay to wait, but you can leave, although Pagan will indeed return. Then we learn the story – it turns out that from the very beginning Pagan guessed that Ishwari was a spy, but they still loved each other, and they had a daughter, Lakshman, after whom the temple is named. Mohan killed their daughter, and expelled Ajay and Ishvari from the country. Pagan will help dispel the ashes of his mother, and in your eyes he will clearly cease to be one hundred percent villain.

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Sif the Great Wolf from Dark Souls

This boss fight will definitely make you uncomfortable, because Sif is not a villain at all – he is a loyal companion who only guards the grave of his master. Such an incarnation of Hachiko, but twenty times higher, and in his teeth he has the sword of the fallen master Artorias. Lore in Dark Souls was well hidden in item descriptions and short lines, but their story can still be learned – once upon a time, King Gwynne sent the noble knight Artorias to fight the creatures of the Abyss. Seth was with him, but even together they could not cope with a huge number of enemies. Then Artorias saved the wolf, surrounding him with a barrier from his own shield, and he continued to fight.

If you visit the Artorias of the Abyss DLC and rescue little Seth from enemies there before meeting his adult version, the wolf will recognize you before the main battle. He reluctantly takes the sword and will fight, and you will have to hold the gamepad with one hand to remove all the dust particles that have flown in there so inappropriately.

Which bad character did you sympathize with? Let us know in the comments.

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