6 inconsistencies in the Lord of the Rings movies you might not have noticed

Searching for bloopers in famous films is a separate entertainment for their fans. It often even enhances the enjoyment of the whole picture. And in such grandiose projects as “The Lord of the Rings” it is hardly possible to do without inconsistencies at all.

Moriah’s Fatal Bucket

The troubles of the Guardian squad in the dungeons of Moria began with the fact that the smart Pippin accidentally shoved a skeleton into the well. And on top of that, a bucket with a heavy chain. The roar attracted the attention of enemies – and it began … In a few minutes the Guardians already have to keep their defenses with might and main.

But it is clearly seen that at first there is no bucket at the edge of the well. Only when the skeleton has already disappeared into the abyss does that bucket suddenly appear at the well. And noisily falls after. It is clear that a small pebble would be enough to violate the secrecy regime. But materializing a bucket is some kind of awkward magic!

Was the rock cut down too?

Sauron lost the Ring when, during the great battle of Mordor, the king of Gondor Isildur cut off his finger with a sinister artifact. With regard to the events of The Lord of the Rings, this was a distant antiquity. In the film, the duel is shown very colorfully. And we see that behind Sauron is an imposing rock. And now the blow is inflicted, the Ring has left the owner, the severed finger crumbles to ashes … Sauron reincarnates, so much so that human and elven warriors are knocked down by a blast wave. We see a panorama of the battlefield – and no rocks, even destroyed, in the area where Sauron just stood, a continuous flat space.

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Divide good and bad

At the end of the battle at the Black Gate, the ground collapses under the army of Sauron. It looks very impressive, but there was already a battle going on with might and main. And their own with strangers inevitably had to mix in a variety of hand-to-hand fights. What we saw on the screen. And suddenly there is an instant division into those under whom, after the destruction of the Ring, the soil is crumbling, and into the victors, standing in an almost ceremonial formation.

Put them back!

When Merry and Pippin are captured by the orcs, they are dragged bound for a long time. And when the enemies decide to stop for a halt, they throw the prisoners to the ground – side by side. Only in the next moment it somehow turns out that the ill-fated hobbits lie far enough from each other. It takes Pippin a significant amount of time to crawl to a buddy.

All spectators noticed this. Even the director found it necessary to be honest: he forgot how the hobbits were thrown in the first episode. And building the second, I added a crawl moment there. You can understand Jackson’s forgetfulness – about two years passed between the filming of the two fragments.

Slope attack

One of the most spectacular and dramatic episodes of the film “Two Fortresses” is the attack of the horsemen on the Urukhai, besieging Helm’s Pad. At the same time, it is clear to the viewers who have at least some idea of ​​horses and cavalry that a decisive attack at full gallop along such a steep slope is impossible in principle. If only to blame everything on the magic of Gandalf! And so, even without haste, the horse cannot go down there.

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Why don’t we fly?

A favorite topic for fan controversy is why, with access to aviation in the form of eagles, Gandalf organizes a foot expedition to Mount Doom. It would be easier to fly! And it is safer than being dragged along the ground, or even underground, constantly being threatened and attacked. In the book, it is clear that eagles live on their own. And they come to the aid of the heroes only as a last resort and at their own discretion. Their leader even says to Gandalf, imprisoned at the top of the tower: I can carry you out of here, but only if the direction of the path suits me. In the film, it looks as if the eagles obey the magician. It would be possible to explain in one phrase why it will not be possible to fly – it is too long a path even for giant birds. Or the danger of immediately betraying the enemy the goal of the journey.

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