6 politically incorrect quotes from Nobel laureate James Watson who thinks blacks are dumber than whites

The other day, one victim of political correctness has become more: the discoverer of DNA, Nobel laureate and American biologist James Watson was deprived of all titles and regalia for racist and sexist statements. And one must think that he dealt a serious blow to tolerance, since he was so punished at the age of 90.

We figure out what this can be said in order to cross out the reputation of a tough scientist.

Blacks have lower IQs than whites

Actually, Watson ran into the Liberals back in 2007 when he said the following:

I actually see a bleak outlook for Africa, because our entire social policy is based on the assumption that they have the same level of intelligence as ours – when all the studies say they are not.
James Watson

After that, he was forced to resign as head of the Cold Spring Harbor laboratory, and also decided to sell his Nobel medal. By the way, it was bought by the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov in 2014 and given back to the scientist.

“No, I haven’t changed my mind.”

It has been nearly 12 years since Watson was first charged with racism. The sediment remained, but surely he changed his mind, the public thought. However, in a fresh interview with The Sunday Times, the old man did not think to give up his words.

There is a difference in intelligence tests between whites and blacks. I would say that this difference is … genetic.
James Watson

Then the scientist added that he was sorry, but no refutation of his words had yet been found. It was then that he was deprived of all titles.

Do you want a gay child? Genetic engineering to help

Not by racism alone. Even before his complete overthrow of the scientific geniuses from Olympus, Watson gave out very intolerant statements.

If it was possible to find a gene that is responsible for sexual orientation, and some woman would decide that she does not want to have a homosexual child – well, so be it.
James Watson

Then Watson had to make excuses that he did not call anyone for an abortion, but only meant that a woman should have the right to know who she is giving birth to, and the choice whether to leave the child or not.

Bold = non-ambitious

Another controversial quote that caused a fierce butthirt among the Americans:

When you, as an employer, interview a fat person, you always feel uncomfortable because you know that you are not going to hire him.
James Watson

Watson argued that skinny people are most often unhappy and therefore mobile and ambitious. And if you are fat, then you have paws and everything suits you.

Need more beautiful women

How Watson managed to live so long and not be torn to pieces by feminists is a mystery. After such and such words:

Some people say that if we make all the girls pretty, it will be terrible. I think that would be great.
James Watson

And such:

It is good that [at the moment of the discovery of the structure of DNA] there were no women around – I would have thought about them, not about DNA. I think when women are around [in the laboratory], men become more cheerful, but they are not as effective at working. James Watson

The girl’s best friends are latinos

In 2000, a scientist stated that Hispanics have higher sex drive due to their dark complexion:

That is why they only talk about Latin American lovers, not English ones. English is only for the patient.
James Watson

Now, however, Watson has little to do with his reputation: he is being rehabilitated after the accident and recognizes few people.

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