8 absolutely stupid rules that students have to follow Hogwarts

In the best and most promising school of wizards, stern manners and rules reign, which not all future great sorcerers have had their gut to do. About these statutes and talk.


With magic do not joke!

Hogwarts students should roughly learn, do homework and take exams. But at the same time, future professional magicians and masters of other magical professions during training (and therefore during laboratory, practical work) should not use unfamiliar magic. Why, you ask? Yes, because, according to the Hogwarts manual, such magic can be dangerous for those who have applied it to others. But who can say whether it will be dangerous, or vice versa – useful if you do not try? And how many times did Harry Potter himself – and as usual without the knowledge and permission of the teacher at Hogwarts, he was experimenting, so to speak? And there was no disaster!


Library and prohibitions

The second limiting rule partly follows from the first, but it affects a larger number of students at Hogwarts: not all books from the same school library can be read. These publications are kept in a certain forbidden section, where Harry Potter and his true friends quietly enter. Again, the Hogwarts leadership assures that the ban is only bad literature on dark magic, which is able to offer the unstable reader such that he will be tempted and will want to get power at any cost and become what he doesn’t need at all. But then again, Potter and his glorious company, entering the forbidden section and seeing bad books did not prevent them from becoming exemplary heroes worthy of imitation.

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All sleep!

In Hogwarts, as in the army, there is such a thing as hang up. Pupils have the right to walk only until ten in the evening. And then comes quiet, although you can call another word – curfew – hour. Movement can only teachers and even elders. But if you remember how many important events in the Potter films took place with the participation of students after this time, then why at Hogwarts did they introduce this very retreat?



And you can fool your aunt!

Hogwarts students not only have no right to use their magical abilities during the holidays, but also to use magic and other magic arts in the presence of muggles. Well, this is understandable – it is impossible to embarrass ordinary people with miracles and magical wonders, causing them to envy and other unworthy kind of human desire. Therefore – as Hogwarts assures – they follow their students. So to speak, exclusively from the best intentions. And, of course, apply tough educational measures to violators. But in the magical world, things are not so simple – and sometimes the use of magic is necessary. Harry Potter can confirm!



If you can not, but really want …

Pupils of Hogwarts (first of all it concerned those who studied at junior courses) did not have the right to leave school grounds without permission. This is understandable – they also need to learn, study and learn, and not hang around in different dark places, seeking adventure for their still fragile sorcery. But on the other hand, what is next to the school? That Forbidden Forest, full of strange creatures. Of course, students do not have the right to go to it without teachers. But they still go …

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Duel by all the rules? Yeah of course…

Pupils of Hogwarts had no right to clarify the relationship between themselves. Except with the help of duels, which were supposed to be arranged not anyhow, but in accordance with the duel code. With the indispensable participation of the seconds, under the control of the leadership of Hogwarts.

Well, in order to, during the duel:

1. Everything was fair.

2. Avoid unpredictable consequences. And not only for participants.

This is not to say that the shown duel involving Harry Potter was organized and conducted safely, i.e. as I would like the leadership of Hogwarts.



Is there something more comfortable?

Hogwarts students are not allowed to attend school ceremonies in their everyday clothes. It is necessary to dress in the ceremonial mantle, which is worn over the trouser suit. Only in such a ceremonial vestment is not very convenient for young people to celebrate and enjoy life in a big way.



School does not trash!

Hogwarts students cannot damage the property of the school, its premises and – especially noted – paintings. As, however, and other people’s property, located within the school. Moreover, the ban applies to both physical impact and magic. A good reason is self-defense, but usually this concept is vague. Especially if you remember the number of contractions (magically-destructive) that unfolded at Hogwarts (with or without the participation of Potter).

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