8 reasons to quit your job

Translation of the acclaimed article by James Altuscher – an investor, entrepreneur and author of numerous publications.
You have no choice. The myth of career building and corporate security is over. Not because everything is bad with the economy. Because new technologies and globalization give you the best opportunity than ever.

Here are eight reasons why a quiet corporate harbor should be left right now:

1. Corporations don’t give a damn .

A recent editor of a major news publication complained to me: “Our authors have taken the fashion to indicate their twitter under publications. Many people subscribe to their twitter, and the authors begin to demand an increase in salary. ”

“So what’s the problem?” I asked. “Don’t you want your authors to be popular and respected on the web?”
“No. We are a news publication. We don’t want to grow stars. ”
In other words, his job was to destroy the career aspirations of his own employees. He would even prefer that the authors work less and worse, if only they are loyal and continue to work under the same conditions.

2. More money does not mean more happiness.

Studies show that the increase in income increases the level of happiness by an insignificant amount. Or does not increase at all. Let’s say your salary is $ 2000. It is increased by $ 500. You buy a new computer, a sofa, a bigger TV. And then you ask yourself: “Where did the money go?”

Do not hold on to work for gain. It will not save you from fear for the future. Free time and the ability to disappear from work when you want it have real value.

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3. Calculate how many people can destroy your life with one solution.

If you are employed, then most likely there is one person on whom you depend heavily. This is your boss. Someday he will take advantage of this opportunity. How to prevent him? Spread the risks. Let these people be many, but the actions of each of them individually should not hurt you much.

4. Do not rely on retirement.

I don’t care about the size of my retirement savings. Pension is a myth. It will be eaten by inflation and talentless pension fund managers. Even under the most optimistic scenario, the pension will not allow living as you live now.

The only way to avoid this is to work not for retirement, but for yourself. Everyone can be an entrepreneur. Even if very small, with only one person in the “state” – himself.

5. Excuses.

“I’m too old.” “I am not creative enough.” “I have children.” Everything is just words. Once I was at a party. A stunningly beautiful woman came up to me and asked: “James, how are you?”

“WHAT? Who is she? ”Flashed through my mind. I responded to the greeting, and to myself continued to wonder why she appealed to me. I was too ugly. About who she is, I guessed only in a few minutes.

Six months ago, she, an old-fashioned woman, was fired from her job. She went to collect things and burst into tears. A blurred figure, looking 30 years older than the real age, and now it’s still … She continued to cry until she realized that this was the beginning of a new life.

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In the film by George Lucas “THX-1138” shows a similar situation. People live underground in a totalitarian society. They are told that radiation is on the surface. One of the residents named THX-1138 escapes outside. And he discovers that there is no radiation. There the sun shines and life is beautiful.

6. Move in small steps normally .

“I can’t just leave! – usually people say. “I have to live on something.” I agree. No one says to leave in one day. Before running a marathon, people learn to crawl, then walk, then run. Then they train every day, and only after that there is a chance to beat the marathon.

Start from the list. Write down your goals and work on them every day.
Hired work will never give abundance. But you will not understand this until you burst out.

7. You will be replaced.

New technologies, outsourcing, outstaffing are washing the ground out from under the middle class. Most of the specialties that existed 20 years ago have now disappeared. In 2008-2009, during the crisis, many have reduced. New jobs in return did not appear.

I am on the board of directors of an outstaffing company with a turnover of $ 600 million. I see reductions in all sectors of the economy. In the opposite direction there is no movement.

8. The idea of ​​the middle class is dead.

A few weeks ago, I visited a friend of a trillion-dollar asset manager. He said: “Look out the window.” We looked at the skyscrapers around. “What do you see?” – “I don’t know.” – “They are empty. All offices are empty. The middle class is no more. ” I looked closer. Entire floors were plunged into darkness. There were one or two lighted windows on several floors, but the rest of the space was empty. “There are no employees. They were replaced by outsourcers and computers, ”concluded my friend.

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“Not everything is as bad as it seems,” he continued. “More people are getting rich now than ever.” At the same time, more and more temporary staff members appear. ”

It finally came to me: the idea of ​​the middle class is dead. The American dream is dead. Did she ever exist? It was just a marketing trick.

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