NYT explained the publication of secret cooperation between Russia and the Taliban


[19459000] [19459001] [19459002] The New York Times [19459003] explained an article stating that Moscow secretly offered reprisals for killing related to the extremist [19459004] Taliban [19459003] (banned in the Russian Federation) US troops in Afghanistan. [19459005] [19459001] According to the publication, we are talking about the death of three US Marines in April 2019 during a car explosion in Afghanistan. The US intelligence service considered the version of the connection between their death and Russia’s willingness to provide cash rewards to the Taliban. [19459005] [19459001] These assumptions were included in the summary that the intelligence agencies daily compile for the country’s president [19459006] Donald Trump [19459003]. According to sources, these data were sent to the head of state in late February. It is noted that the American leader may have missed the information, because he does not always read the summary, sometimes preferring a brief retelling of key points. [19459005] [19459001] At the beginning of May, a number of US intelligence agencies got acquainted with this information, between which [19459007] there were [19459003] disagreements over the presented version. Doubts about the reliability, in particular, were expressed by representatives of the [19459008] US National Security Agency [19459003]. [19459005] [19459001] On June 26, The New York Times, citing US intelligence [19459009], reported [19459003] that Russian military intelligence had secretly offered to pay for the killing of US troops. Thus, Moscow allegedly wanted to disrupt US peace talks with the Taliban, the publication said. In Russia, the accusations [19459010] were called [19459003] groundless. The reliability of the information was difficult to confirm, and various American structures. [19459005] [19459011] [19459012] What is happening in Russia and in the world? We explain on our [19459013] YouTube channel [19459003]. Subscribe! [19459014] [19459015] [19459015]

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