A follower of Brenton Tarrant appeared before the court, who opened fire at the Oslo mosque

In Norway, a 21-year-old intruder appeared in court, who shot at a mosque on the outskirts of Oslo.

Philip Manshouse was charged not only with an attempted terrorist attack, but also with the murder of his own half-sister.

An adherent of a right-wing ideology and a militant Islamophobe appeared on Saturday at the Al-Nur Islamic Center and opened fire. By a miracle, no one died, and parishioners managed to twist a terrorist before the arrival of the police.

Police regarded what happened in the mosque as a terrorist attack, and later the body of Philip’s 17-year-old sister was discovered, who he allegedly killed before the attack on the mosque.

In court, Manshouse, who proclaimed himself a follower of New Zealand terrorist Brenton Tarrant, smiled broadly and posed for photographs with bruises under his eyes. The Norwegian denied his guilt in all respects.

Meanwhile, a 65-year-old retired air force officer, Muhammad Rafik, a Pakistani by birth, who managed to knock Manshouse off his feet and neutralize the criminal, became a popular hero in Norway.

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