A German court forbade a teacher to wear a headscarf

In Germany, a Muslim teacher was forbidden to come to school in a headscarf. The court found the headdress a violation of the law on civil servants.

A primary school teacher in a Stuttgart school converted to Islam in 1984. Four years ago, she was officially forbidden to come to school in a headscarf, as prescribed by the new law on civil servants. According to these rules, officials do not have the right to demonstrate their religious beliefs to students and their parents.

Two years ago, the teacher’s complaint was rejected by the Stuttgart court. On Tuesday, the court of the next instance recognized the validity of this decision, reports Russian News Service .

A judge in the city of Mannheim declared that wearing a headscarf was against the law of the teacher’s religious neutrality in the workplace. Human rights activists call it discriminatory and point to Catholic nuns who teach in the schools of the region in monastic robes.

Liberal politicians also protested. The head of the Green Party, Claudia Roth, said that “this decision does not contribute to the integration of Muslims.”

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