A girl with money – a punishment or a gift of fate? What do modern guys think

A wealthy girl enjoys attention among men. The reason is usually not only in money: a “self-made” woman is erudite, interesting, free internally. It attracts the opposite sex, but not everyone stands the test of a relationship with a financially strong lady. Why is it worth and not worth dating a woman who earns a lot at the same time?

Let’s start with the pros

This is a self-sufficient, financially independent lady. Most likely, she has a successful career, which she built on her own, knowledge and skills. She has earned the respect of her colleagues and management.

The head of my department is two years younger than me. 90% of our employees are men, many much older than her. At first, there was an unspoken persecution, they tried to suppress it. But she turned out to be a wise and just leader. Only six months have passed, and the attitude towards her has changed dramatically. It seems to me, not only I am secretly in love with her. ***, 31 years old

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Such a woman looks after her appearance. First, because she loves and respects herself. Secondly, she has enough financial resources to take care of her beauty. Third, she needs to maintain her image. Even at an advanced age, she will continue to maintain her beauty. A woman who makes good money usually dresses stylishly. She has the opportunity to develop her taste or use the services of a stylist.

A wealthy woman who “made” herself, has excellent intellectual data and tenacious business acumen. She is smart and ambitious, because without this she would hardly have been able to realize herself professionally and achieve monetary freedom. She is witty, capable of thinking outside the box, ready to maintain a conversation on various topics and teach new things. With her, you can go anywhere: even to the theater, even to a bohemian party, even to a club.

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A guy with a girl should receive at least equal. Independence is the foundation of a happy relationship. Everyone has their own interests, she does not follow you with her tail, she provides herself. She is a person. I have seen enough of friends whose wives at home toil about idleness and eat out their brains, I do not need such happiness. Ivan, 32 years old

Let’s talk about the cons

A wealthy woman is often married to her job. This does not mean that she was not created for marriage and children, it just does not see the point of giving herself entirely to them. If a man is a family man to the core, it will be difficult for them to get along – she is unlikely to agree to exchange her career for borscht.
There were long sessions with one such person, but I realized that it was not mine. So it was all great: incredibly interesting as a person, amazing sex. They took a week every quarter and flew somewhere, every weekend did something interesting. But I wanted simple family happiness, and she was categorically against it. Mikhail, 29 years old

If a man has a more modest financial position than his chosen one, his self-esteem can be seriously affected. He will feel in the position of catching up and losing, and not every man is able to come to terms with this, which can provoke conflicts and negatively affect the relationship of the couple. Although, it would seem, it’s time to accept the fact that the world has changed, and the salary does not depend on gender, but on professional skills and the demand for a profession.

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A man who earns several times less than a woman may face condemnation and ridicule from society. People can “reward” him with the title of gigolo, even if the partner does not depend on the beloved financially. However, if the couple ignores or suppresses such a reaction, they will be able to maintain the relationship.

I work at school, the girl is a java programmer. Do you understand what our salary difference is? We pay rent with her salary, all large purchases too. My salary is barely enough for food and a couple of times to go to the bar. She treats with understanding, because I am a young specialist, there will be more. But her relatives do not like me, friends laugh. ***, 26 years old

A wealthy woman has her own idea of ​​the image of an ideal man. She often puts forward higher standards for her man and wants him to match them as much as possible. Therefore, if it is important for her that the partner next to her earns a lot, he will have to strain himself. And if the financial situation of a man does not matter to her, her chosen one may be burdened by his position himself. On the other hand, such an incentive can change a lot in a man’s life. Relationships will end, but achievements will remain. So can you call this a minus?

Such a woman knows and understands everything about herself. She will not put up with the strangeness and bad habits of her man. If he constantly throws dirty clothes or is regularly late, and she is pedantic to the bone, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to avoid scandals. This woman will not tolerate more serious male offenses: betrayal, drunkenness, humiliation. This is understandable – she values ​​herself and has every right to demand the same attitude towards herself from the chosen one.

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