A passenger with a broken leg was not allowed on board Aeroflot

It is curious that before this woman repeatedly made flights by the same carrier, despite the illness.

Video: © Telegram channel ” Mash on the Moika ”

At Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, Aeroflot employees did not allow a woman with a broken leg to board the plane. This is reported by the telegram channel ” Mash on the Moika “.

The incident occurred on March 30th. The frame shows how a woman traveling with two children wonders why this time she cannot get on the plane, although she had already flown in this state before.

Employees of the company explained that they would not be able to provide her with a place with an increased aisle or a place in business class.

– I flew five times, and on the sixth you refuse and leave me with two children in Moscow at night? – the passenger is perplexed.

The representative of Aeroflot explained that he had taken such a measure due to the fact that the woman was flying with children and this could cause additional difficulties.

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