A preacher from Dagestan denied involvement in terrorist financing

The money collected in the North Caucasus is used to help people, said Abu Umar Sasitlinsky, rejecting the funding data of the Islamic State * and Jabhat-en-Nusra * he created. Denis Sokolov, an expert from the public organization of the Free Russia Foundation, noted that Sasitlynsky was accused of financing two hostile structures.

As the Caucasian Knot wrote , on December 13, the FSB of Russia reported the arrest of seven people suspected of collecting more than 38 million for militants of the Islamic State and Jabhat-en-Nusra terrorist organizations banned in Russia by the court. According to the ministry, searches in the case took place in Moscow, Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia. On the same day, the court decided to detain six of the seven detainees. Another suspect in the case was sent by the court under house arrest.

The conspiratorial network, designed to support terrorists financially, “was organized by a supporter of radical Islam, Akhmednabiev IS, who was hiding abroad. (Abu Umar Sasitlinsky was put on the international wanted list for terrorism and its financing)” and ” The so-called “charitable funds” received, cashed and transferred to the terrorist organizations the collected money, “the FSB said .

The part of the program “ Details of the explosion in Nazran. An evening with Timur Olevsky” of the “Present Time ” channel , posted on the website of the publication on December 13, was devoted to the detention of seven people from the North Caucasus . The authors of the program tried to understand the version of the FSB, as well as the point of view of Israil Akhmednabiyev.

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“Israil Akhmednabiyev, whom the FSB and the Investigation Committee call the leader of the gang (as they say), is known in Russia by a different name – Abu Umar Sasitlinsky. A well-known Muslim preacher himself comes from Dagestan,” the program notes.

According to the story, Israil Akhmednabiyev studied in Syria and Egypt, defended his Ph.D. in family law in the Muslim religion, then opened a school in Dagestan to study the Koran. “I was engaged in sermons and helped to solve family disputes to the residents of the republic. After the outbreak of hostilities in Syria, he opened a charitable foundation and, according to him, provided assistance to those in need in various Muslim countries. Russian special services accuse him of supporting terrorism, because of which he was forced to flee from Russia. He spent several years in various African countries, “the program notes.

The account of Abu Umar Sasitlinsky in the instagram social network shows that thanks to “your help”, 4500 wells and 135 mosques * were built . In this case the page in the instagram Sasitlinskogo, as of 17:00 MSK, 292,000 subscribers, and in the social network facebook – 15,640 .

The pages of Abu Umar Sasitlinsky contain information about his work in Africa, in particular, about the opening of wells in villages.

Thus, in his instagram account, Abu Umar Sasitlinsky on December 16 posted a video about the opening of another well, in which he noted that it was “a wonderful gift for him and for the dispossessed villagers in Africa.” In the video, several people hold a poster with the name Sasitlynsky and pump water from a new well.

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At the same time, Abu Umar Sasitlinsky, in an interview with the television channel, rejected his involvement in the financing of terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. “I got a link to the news, I looked. What do I think? The complete nonsense. There is not a single last name. There are none of those who are connected with us, who work with us, have not detained anyone, everyone is free. and nothing stopped, “said Abu Umar Sasitlinsky on the air of a television program.

He also stressed that he had no contact with the militants. “ISIS * never asked for money for someone to collect donations. They [the security forces] there say that I help” Dzhabhat-an-Nusra “* and ISIL * at the same time, and these are generally conflicting parties that are mortal enemies , they kill each other “, – said Abu Umar Sasitlinsky.

He called the report of involvement in terrorist financing an “information attack” on his charitable activities, stressing that his lawyer’s work is “closely involved.” There are no complaints about the fund either from the special services or from the tax authorities, said Abu Umar Sasitlinsky, recalling that the organization is not in Russia, but in Europe. “In Europe, they are scrupulous about such transfers. Everything is controlled, we report for every penny,” he said, saying that he is currently in Niger, where he helps the local population.

The authors of the program also noted that they turned to the experts with a request to comment on the situation.

“[Abu Umar Sasitlinsky] really always engaged in charity and constantly tried to create and create educational institutions. He created several madrasas not only in Dagestan. He also created madrasas in Istanbul to train Russian-speaking Muslims. He is an activist, a religiously successful enough preacher. Many what he was accused of, but this accusation that he can finance terrorism is rather strange. It sounds like the very accusation that a person finances both Jabhat al Nusra * and Islamic State * Yemen (…), there is almost front line was, “- said the expert of the NGO Free Russia Foundation  Denis Sokolov.

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