“A Russian citizen, but without a home – get out of the country”


At the Domodedovo airport, really strange things have happened recently. Russian border guards refused to let a Russian citizen into Russia under the pretext of … his homelessness.

Human rights activist Khamroev believes their actions are preparation for falsifying the case.
At the Domodedovo airport two strange things happened two days ago.
Russian border guards refused to let a Russian citizen into Russia under the pretext of … his homelessness.

The publication PolitAzia reports that the 41-year-old Shavkat Atakuziev , a Russian citizen since 2011, the border guards did not want to let into Russia under the pretext of lack of residence in Moscow and intended to send him to … Egypt, from where he had arrived safely. Of course, he did not like this idea.

According to the publication, Atakuziev has lived in Russia, Moscow and the Moscow region for at least fifteen years. He has a family, 5 children, including a disabled daughter of the 1st group.
All this time, Shavkat worked wherever he could – in the markets and as a cook in a cafe.

Familiar Uzbeks from Kyrgyzstan (Shavkat himself is also an Uzbek, originally from the Kyrgyz Jalal-Abad) called him, an excellent cook, in Egyptian Cairo, where they opened a teahouse.

In 2018, he traveled to Cairo through Amman, along with his family. As promised to him, he got a job as a cook: cooked barbecue and Uzbek pilaf.

After 2-3 months, he gave his 16 and 13 year old daughters to school at Al-Azhar. He prepared another son of 11 years for admission. But … the cafe of his friends went bankrupt in June this year.

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Shavkat, who has a driver’s license for the right to drive all categories, decided to return to Moscow, where he had previously lived for a long time to get a job as a driver in Mosgortrans.

Atakuziev arrived in Domodedovo from the Egyptian Sharm-al-Sheikh by connecting flight via Istanbul on July 15 at about 2 p.m.

It all started as soon as he approached passport control. He was taken to the border post room, and then every half an hour they called and asked questions, such as “When, with whom, why did you leave. Where is the family, how many children are studying? Where do you study? ” After 3 hours, they brought his luggage, which was checked 7 (!) Hours, dismantling each tube and bottle, but without finding anything forbidden.

He was also questioned about the “filtration” in 2016, when Shavkat went to KSA to die. Then he, too, was plagued for several hours upon his return. Further, Atakuziev was led to quote the dialogue between Atakuziev and the FSB officers, as it was quoted by PolitAsia.

“Where we go? In Vnukovo? ”He asked.

“To your home,” the FSB officers replied.

“But I don’t have a home. He quarreled with his brother. I can’t go to my brother, ”complained Atakuziev.

“Where are you going to live?” The “caring” officers asked.

“I’ll rent a hotel. And then an apartment. ” – said Atakuziev.

“If there is no specific address, then we will drive back to Domodedovo.” – said the border guards. Having decided that Atakuziev, a citizen of Russia, needs to fly to Kyrgyzstan, to Osh. Where do his parents live?

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“But why to Kyrgyzstan? I have a wife and children in Cairo! ”- Shavkat was perplexed.

“So you fly back to Egypt.” – said the border guards.

For the money of Atakuziev himself, FSB border officials bought him a ticket for July 16, 2019 at 12:36 Moscow time. for the flight Kharkov – Istanbul – Sharm El Sheikh.

After that they left him in the waiting room at the Domodedovo airport, under secret control.

Moreover, neither a passport, nor a driver’s license, or even bank cards were returned to Atakuziev’s hands.

“Our employee will come and give everything at registration and passport control,” he was told.

Atakuziev seized the moment and ran out of the airport building. Having a couple of thousand rubles in his pocket, he was able to take a taxi to Moscow. And there he already went to lawyers and human rights activists, asking for help from the arbitrariness that he had to experience.
Statements and appeals about a possible crime against a citizen of the Russian Federation Atakuziev to the Investigative Committee and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation were compiled and sent by the head of the consulting and legal center “Help” Bahrom Hamroev .

According to him, the FSB officers initiated certain actions, in particular, conducted audio and video filming of Atakuziev in order to further use this to fabricate cases against him.

“Miraculously, before departure, he managed to escape from observation without flying out according to the plan conceived by the FSB officers. I believe that these actions of the FSB border guards at Domodedovo Airport are planned in order to further use them for official activities, with the aim of falsifying the criminal case against Atakuziev Shavkat under terrorist and extremist articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, including falsification of the fight against terrorism ” – said Khamroev.

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