A selection of the most mobile heroes in Dota 2

Some characters in Dota 2 have such crazy mobility that it becomes their main feature. Using it, they can leave their enemy far behind or attack unexpectedly! These heroes are worth taking apart right now.

Storm Spirit
Storm Spirit has a Ball Lightning at his disposal to help him fly all over the map. At the same time, flying near enemies, he inflicts some brutal amount of damage. Although his ability depends on the amount of mana, but when he gets it, then every enemy begins to be afraid to go to a free lane. There is always a risk that Storm Spirit will stop its opponent and literally destroy him.

Tinker gets its mobility by purchasing Boots of Travel. After receiving this magnificent item, he presses Rearm and can literally jump all over the map, dealing a lot of damage to enemies. Starting a fight without Tinker is nearly impossible. He is guaranteed to fly into it in a couple of seconds!

Nature’s prophet
Nature’s Prophet’s mobility is driven by Teleportation and Town Portal Scroll. Using them in turn, the hero can be anywhere on the map. He is guaranteed to help his allies in fights and demolish even, it seemed, the most fortified buildings of his rival. At level 25, his second ability may not have a cooldown at all!

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Ember spirit
He has a great ultimate that will help Ember Spirit move from one left copy to another. It is very difficult to catch him, especially when it comes to magic assembly. With her, one of the Spirit brothers will almost not see the recharge of abilities and will begin to pretty much enrage his rivals.

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This is a great assistant that gives mobility not only to yourself, but also to your allies. Using the first and ultimate ability, he can transfer the selected hero to any point on the map, catching the enemy by surprise.

Spirit Breaker
He, using his first ability, can quickly run at any enemy in the line. Using this opportunity, he can quickly find himself at any point on the map! Over time, when he gains access to talents, his potential as a mobile hero only increases.

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