A well-known Russian actor who considered Muslims to be terrorists learned the truth in Islam

Russian actor Sergei Romanovich, who converted to Islam five years ago, did not regret his choice.

According to 25-year-old Sergey, he grew up in a Christian family. He did not know anything about Islam, but he had a stereotypical idea of ​​Muslims as terrorists.

Once a young man, while visiting, argued with his brother about his religion. In particular, Sergei in a conversation called Muslims terrorists. His opponent advised first to read about Islam before making such a statement. The actor heeded the advice.

What was the surprise of the young man when, while studying Islamic doctrine, he found answers to tormenting questions.

“He went home and began to study Islam just for fun. The more I went deeper, the more I found answers to questions that arose earlier. For me, everything became clear. This is what I was looking for, ”Sergey recalls.

Upon learning that the actor decided to convert to Islam, his relatives were initially frightened that the guy was in bad company and they were trying to recruit him. However, over time, the family became convinced that the decision to convert to Islam was conscious, sincere, and there was nothing wrong with that.

“People see that I am an adequate person and no different from others. No problem. I’ve been in Islam for five years, ”the actor added.

In his Instagram, Sergei often talks about religion, as well as on the topic of family and marriage.

In a recent post, he writes that the recipe for family happiness is that a man and a woman correctly understand their roles. “Be a real man! Be a real woman! And 99% you will be happy in your union.

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If you are a woman – do not try to be a man! And if you are a man – do not be a woman! Nature has long given you a recipe for an ideal relationship, and also hinted at how you should behave when you were born and realized that you had between your legs. As soon as people begin to play roles unusual for them, they inevitably come to disappointment. A business woman will never find comfort in her work and not a single effeminate man will be happy that his feet are being wiped about him, ”the young man notes.

In another entry, Sergei emphasizes that a strong and sincere marriage is the key to a “real and fulfilling life of the heart.”

Sergei Romanovich has played in many Russian television series. For example, he is known for his roles in the TV series Fizruk, Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone, Kitchen, and Olga.

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