Alihan Alihanrin – about me

When I first started a blog, I wrote that “Someday I will tell about myself on this page.”
And obviously this day has come.

I am Alihan Alihanrin. I was born and raised in Russia and actually live here (as unexpectedly). Blogger and web developer, at night I turn into a journalist with red eyes (whether the disease or mutation has not yet decided).

If you carefully read my blog, you will understand that English is not my native language and I try to learn it 🙂 sometimes it is a little better and sometimes it is clear that I am a little tired and add my Russian to our English.

Actually, this is one of the reasons why I started blogging, I try to use language in practice to improve and consolidate it. At least in all these articles that promise to give advice on learning the language, I was told this way (hopefully not deceived).In my blog, I’m not just trying to learn wonderful English, but I also try to make it useful for people!On my blog you can read various useful articles for all occasions! In the future, new interesting rubrics and functions will be added!

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