Actor Pashutin – about Buldakov: A wonderful partner, actor and singer

He added that Aleksey Buldakov helped him in some hooligan case, but did not specify details.
Actor Alexander Pashutin, who played in the film “Here is my village” together with Alexei Buldakov, called his deceased colleague a wonderful partner, actor and singer.

“ He is a wonderful partner, a wonderful actor and singer ,” said Pashutin in an interview with Life.

He recalled the case when Buldakov helped him in some “hooligan” case, but did not clarify the details.

Pashutin recalled that not so long ago another great actor, Pyotr Zaichenko, passed away .

– It seems that the guys are not weak, thick-haired, as they say, such good stumps with roots. And I, of course, are in shock when I saw them now, just in shock , ”the actor continued.

Alexey Buldakov died in Ulan Bator at the age of 68 years. His body will be delivered to Moscow on April 4th.

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