AirSwap Exchange Launches Vulnerability Detection Reward System

The development team of the decentralized exchange AirSwap announced the launch of a perpetual reward program for detected errors in the protocol, with a reward of up to 20,000 DAI (about $ 20,000).
The AirSwap team stated that the size of the rewards will depend on the severity of the error found, according to the OWASP risk assessment methodology and the AirSwap team’s assessment.

Rewards for detected errors in the AirSwap protocol can be up to 250 DAI for low-level vulnerabilities and up to 2000 DAI for high-level vulnerabilities. If the AirSwap team decides that the severity of the error has reached a critical level, the reward will increase to 20,000 DAI.

In September, AirSwap developers reported a critical vulnerability in a new smart contract that was reverted to an older version less than 24 hours after the problem was discovered. The team then stated that neither AirSwap Instant nor Trader products were affected by this vulnerability.

Cryptocurrency companies often reward developers for detecting vulnerabilities in their products. For example, last fall, Coinbase, EOS, Stellar and Augur rewarded  white hackers for helping improve the safety of their products. 

In addition, in the summer it became known that the cryptocurrency exchange Binance Jersey will pay a cash reward to a hacker who was able to access her account on the social network Twitter, as well as the main domain.

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