All the wizards who managed to escape from Azkaban.

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Today I want to tell you about the luckiest wizards who managed to leave the greatest prison in the Magic World.
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Let’s start with the extreme shoots and finish with the very first ones.

Azkaban is a castle-prison on a remote island. Once upon a time it belonged to one dark and powerful wizard. This Magician mocked many people there and infiltrated the walls of his castle with horror and pain. This place attracted many Dementors who settled there in order to feed souls.
Later, the castle was discovered by the Ministry of Magic and what they saw in it plunged them into shock.
Over the years, this castle began to be used as a prison for all violators of the laws of the Wizarding world. Dementors became a kind of guards who did not want to release their prisoners. Besides them, there was someone else in Azkaban, no less powerful, but with a mind. it turned out to live to the end of their term. Many lost their minds or simply died. For several hundred years, no one managed to escape from Azkaban, but everything changed at the end of the 20th century.

1997 – All prisoners in Azkaban escape.
After Voldemort seized power in the Ministry of Magic, he ordered his Death Eaters to release the imprisoned companions from Azkaban. The Dementors were already on the side of the Dark Lord. Many Wizards managed to escape.
Escaped from the eaters:

1. Jugson – a little-known Death Eater, figured in the fight for the Prophecy, where he failed, as well as in the Battle of Hogwarts.

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2. Antonin Dolokhov is one of the strongest and most dangerous henchmen of Voldemort. He took part in every battle known to us, and was able to defeat Alastor Moody, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Fiercely fought Sirius Black and took the life of Remus Lupine.
There is a separate article about him on my channel.

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3. Crabbe Sr. is the father of Malfoy ‘s close friend , Vincent Crabbe. After the first tyranny of the Dark Lord, he managed to escape imprisonment. In 1996, along with a group of companions, he was sent for a prophecy, but was captured at the end of the battle. During the mass escape of prisoners from Azkaban, he was no exception.

4. Rodolphus Lestrange – one of those who tortured the parents of Neville Longbottom, as well as the husband of the mad and fanatical Bellatrix Lestrange. He fought in the “Department of Mysteries”, where he was captured and sent back to Azkaban. Like everyone else, he escaped from there in 97. During Operation Seven Potters, Rodolphus pursued Ron and Tonks , but was wounded by them.

5 . Walden McNair is the same executioner who was assigned to kill Buckbeak. In the climactic battle for Hogwarts, he met with Hagrid, who most likely executed him.

6. Malsiber is the son of one of the first Death Eaters. Almost nothing is known about him. He participated in the battle for the Prophecy, but failed. A year later he got out of Azkaban with the others.

7. Nott is another slightly popular minion of the Dark Lord. Was in the “organization” during the first tyranny of Tom Riddle, but escaped punishment. After his revival, Nott had to join the ranks of the Death Eaters again. He also participated in the battle of the “Department of Mysteries”, where he was severely crippled.

8. Augustus Rookwood – master of explosive spells, and also a former spy of the Dark Lord in the Ministry of Magic. He fought on equal terms with Kingsley Breastwork and Sirius Black , but like many was captured. Freed during a massive escape and took an active part in the battle against Hogwarts. his account of the life of Fred Weasley

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9, Travers is one of the twelve Death Eaters who chased Dumbledore’s Squad in the Department of Mysteries. The outcome of the battle for him was the same as for the others. 97 escaped.

10. Lucius Malfoy – the same long-haired and unpleasant man. He managed to hide his connection with the Death Eaters for many years, but after the fiasco in the Department of Mysteries, he was captured and sent to Azkaban. But he also escaped with the others.

Mundungus Fletcher is a former and not the best member of the Order of the Phoenix. A rogue, a thief and a deceiver, who at the first opportunity left the battlefield. He was the author (the idea was suggested by Snape) of Operation Seven Potters and he was accompanied by Dread-Eye Moody. They were attacked by the Dark Lord himself and Mundungus immediately fled, and his partner died.
A little later he was convicted of robbery, but escaped during a mass escape.

Stanley Shunpike is the conductor of the Night Knight , the magical bullet bus. He loved to talk a lot about himself and once blurted out that he was a Death Eater, and then went straight to Azkaban. But in the same year there was a great escape, so our hero was lucky. eventually he fell under the “Imperius” and began to fight on the side of the Dark Lord.

1996 Death Eaters Escape.
After his revival, Tom Riddle decided to reclaim his best companions by using an unknown spell and breaking through the walls of Azkaban, freeing several prisoners.

Among them were: Antonin Dolokhov, Augustus Rookwood, Bellatrix Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange, Rodolphus Lestrange, Jugson, Travers, Malsiber.
Their escape became a high-profile event in the Wizarding World, because before that, only two of them managed to leave the castle walls. However, as we learned above, many of them went back. But then they escaped again)

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1993 escape from Sirius Black.
The greatest escape of all time, the only one who managed to leave Azkaban without any help.
To this event I dedicated a whole article.

1982 – The Escape of Barty Crouch
Well, the first life prisoner of Azkaban, who again managed to see the world.
Barty was one of the Death Eaters who drove the Longbottoms to madness, and he was eventually captured and sent to Azkaban.

His Mother could not tolerate such a loss and persuaded Bartemius Crouch Sr. (Barty’s father) to rescue her son. When giving a son, Mrs. Crouch made a circulating potion, thereby changing their places. Mother remained in the cell, and Barty, in her form, came out with Father.
This is how Crouch Jr. was able to escape from Azkaban and left his Mother in his place.
For several years, Bartemius Sr. managed to keep his son in the house under the Imperius curse , but Voldemort eventually found out about him. He freed him, and Crouch himself was bewitched with the same spell.
In the future, Barty Jr. had to pretend to be Alastair Moody and become a professor of ” Defense Against the Dark Arts. ” After his declassification, he was ” kissed ” by Dementor.

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