American served 17 years in prison for a double and became a millionaire

A resident of the United States, Richard Anthony Jones (Richard Anthony Jones) spent 17 years in prison for the crime that was committed by his counterpart. According to the information portal CNN , he will receive compensation in the amount of 1.1 million dollars.

A man was convicted of aggravated robbery in 1999. Then a man like him snatched the mobile phone from the woman’s hands in the parking lot of the supermarket and ran away. The victim of the robbery fought the criminal, fell and broke her knees. This was qualified as causing bodily harm, because the punishment turned out to be more severe. Eyewitnesses described the offender as a “fair-skinned Latino or African-American” named Rick with long back hair.

Jones himself at the time of the crime was at a party on the occasion of the birthday of his girlfriend, where he was seen by several people. Nevertheless, all eyewitnesses of a robbery at a confrontation recognized him as an offender. In addition, the car of the criminal parked near the house of Jones. The man was sentenced to 19 years in prison. He appealed and lost, and then turned to human rights activists. He was able to find the real culprit, he was Ricky Lee Amos, who lives near Jones and the crime scene.

When the witnesses were shown pictures of Amos, they admitted that he looked more like a robber. The court accepted this information and freed Jones. However, it was not possible to punish Amos, as the statute of limitation has expired.

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In addition to compensation, Jones received a certificate certifying his innocence, as well as an invitation to consult a lawyer and permission to participate in state health insurance programs. All materials of his case and biological materials stored by the police were destroyed.

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