An anime where the main character is forced to transfer to a girls’ school / academy. Part II

1. Snow-white symphony: The color of lovers

Previously, there were two districts in the city of Kagamidai – Old and New. In the old as well as in the new district, everything was like people, and they differed only in schools. The old one was a school exclusively for girls, and the new one was an ordinary school. But due to declining birth rates in both districts, the authorities decided to merge the school’s wallpaper at the Yuihime Academy from the old district.

Because of the overblown PSV of the girls from Yuihime, they only accepted girls, but they refused to accept the “stupid guys”. Because of this, there was a hidden war between the sexes and ardent representatives from both sides were: a girl named Airi and a guy named Shingo. Which in turn tries to prove to Airi that not all guys are bad.

2. The tyranny of armed girls

At the Aichi Academy, it is considered the norm to carry weapons with you, and this is due to the fact that earlier only girls studied at this academy, but soon they began to recruit guys. Because of this, local girls carry various types of weapons with them so that the guys do not dare to touch them.

Soon a “mafia syndicate” was formed in this academy, which monitored the behavior of dangerous guys, in their opinion. Our GG is clearly lucky and he gets just in this academy. Expecting to meet lovely and friendly ladies, he was pretty surprised when he met a girl with a katana at the ready. The local syndicate is keeping a close eye on him, because this kid is also a wicked one.

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3. Chronicles of the undefeated Bahamut

There used to be empires that were like death camps. Everything was according to very strict rules, even more cruel. One of these was the Arcadia empire. But, after a certain period of time, everything calmed down and became not so tough.

Due to the decline in aggression from the Emperors, all humans coup d’état and make their empire. But does everyone like it, and who is the hero who led everyone forward during the coup?

4. Trinity: The Seven Mages

The world in which our GG lives was destroyed by a mysterious phenomenon, because of which he lost his only sister Hijiri. Having disappeared without a trace, my sister left behind a mysterious artifact, armed with which our GG (named Arata) decides to go to the Bible School, where he learns the basics of magic.

Arata will have to defeat seven of the best magicians in the entire academy. Why exactly seven magicians? The answer is simple, a beginner in magic chooses one of the deadly sins, which serves as a “collector and archiver” of magical forces.

5. Commoner in the school of noble maidens

Somewhere out there in the area cut off from the world by the mountains is a boarding school for noble maidens. This boarding house teaches high society etiquette to girls from wealthy families. However, due to being cut off from the world, girls have problems with adaptation in the modern world.

To avoid this in the future, the school admins decided to “hire” a typical ayasha, Kimito Kagurazaka. In order to avoid funny moments in the primordially friendly relations between Kimito and the girls, the heads of the boarding house introduced our hero as a boy who loves other little kids. Now he has to withstand attention from noble girls who are cut off from the world.

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