“And boldly.” Mounted police sergeant told Life as Putin keeps himself in the saddle

According to experts, the president coped well with the horse, even despite the bad mood at Wanderwals.

Senior sergeant of the Mounted Police Darya Yusupova, who was riding horses next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, told Life, as the head of state was sitting in the saddle. According to the girl, the Russian leader did an excellent job, even though his horse had a bad mood.

– He kept himself in the saddle very well and bravely. Because the horse was not in the mood. But he coped with it. They even went trotting, – noted Daria Yusupova.

As Life reported, on the eve of International Women’s Day, the President of Russia came to the first operational regiment of the police to congratulate women policewomen. In response, the ladies offered the head of state a ride with them on horseback , and also presented a horseshoe for good luck.

It should be noted that the tasks of the Moscow Mounted Police Battalion include working in places of the greatest concentration of foreign tourists. This is primarily a daily patrol of 12 pedestrian streets of the capital, the length of which is 15 kilometers. In addition, patrol “tourist police” provide protection of public order during mass events.

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