Angelina Jolie was evacuated from the filming: a bomb was found on the site

Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and their colleagues on the set of the project “Eternal” were forced to evacuate after they found a bomb next to them. The incident occurred in the Canary Islands, where the shooting of the superhero film Marvel is being conducted: during the Second World War, there was a Nazi military base, which experts explained the terrible find. According to the source of The Sun, at first panic broke out among the castes, but the sappers arrived quickly and quickly did their job. “It was very scary. The bomb probably lay there for many decades, but who knows what could happen. When there are world-class stars on the site, no one will risk it, ”eyewitnesses said.

Recall that this spring, Jolie joined the Marvel Cinema Universe, receiving the role of Tena in the film adaptation of comics dedicated to the immortal and invulnerable Eternal. Together with her, two stars of the Game of Thrones are involved in the film at once – Richard Madden and Keith Harington.

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