Arthur Rusyaev hopes for an end to the barbaric raids on the mosque

In the last days of the holy month of Ramadan in the Kaliningrad region there was an out of the ordinary event. By the court’s decision, the only mosque that was functioning at that time in the village of Liberty of the Chernyakhovsky city district, which is located 90 km from Kaliningrad, was demolished.

The land on which the mosque was located belongs to the local entrepreneur Arthur Rusyaev. He adopted the Islamic religion six years ago. Arthur says that “when he began to build these premises, he was not a Muslim. I converted to Islam, I learned that Muslims should pray in mosques. I started looking for a place to pray. Having traveled all over the region, I saw that our brothers were praying in unsuitable rooms in which everyone could not fit, and was amazed. Therefore, I decided to give one of the premises on our site to our religious organization in the Kaliningrad region in order to convert it into a house of worship. ”

In the region where today about 100 thousand Muslims live, the only mosque operated. People from all over the region came to pray here.

“Rusyaev, firstly, illegally built. And secondly, he turned this building into his own rites, ”says Sergey Bulychev, head of the administration of Chernyakhovsk city district.

Arthur Rusyaev emphasizes that all documents on the buildings were in order. The houses were registered in the Cadastral Chamber. But by court decision, they were deregistered, and everything was completely destroyed. Muslims called the demolition of the house of worship Islamophobia.

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Despite the fact that such a depressing event, to put it mildly, happened, Arthur Rusyaev does not give up and says that “now we will rebuild the house of worship. Dah Allah, a beautiful house for prayers will be built. ”

In the meantime, the mosque is being built, services are temporarily held in a large army tent, which was donated to the local Islamic community by philanthropists from Chechnya.

Over the course of three years, various claims have been raised and questions posed to the fact that a mosque is operating on its land plot by local authorities.

The entrepreneur said that “all the documents confirming that I gave the building for free rent are. The fact that they put me here as a person who has the right to hold Friday, holiday prayers and prayers is. That I am the leader of the Islamic community is. Attention to us was getting stronger and stronger, the courts began a year ago. As a result, what happened happened … ”

Arthur Rusyaev also said that many people, when they learned about the incident, began to call and write from all over Russia, the countries of the former Union, express their support and send money for the construction of a new mosque.

Rusyaev hopes that the barbaric raids on the mosque will stop and heal everything in harmony and harmony.

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