As my friend served in the house of a rich businessman receiving 60000₽. History of escape.

She worked as a salesman in a Siberian delicacy shop. The shop sold huge muksun, nelma, taimen, grayling, venison, bear meat and other expensive delicacies.

The store was often visited by wealthy buyers. We bought delicacies for 20 000 – 30 000 rubles. One of them offered the young saleswoman to work in his country house, keep order, clean, cook.

The seller’s salary was about 40,000 rubles, the buyer offered 60,000 rubles, with the possibility of increasing the amount in the future. The girl agreed without thinking twice.

The country house turned out to be a huge square palace, it had 10 living rooms, two kitchens, three fireplaces. The girl was allocated a separate room, once a week was supposed to be off.

History of escape.
In the beginning, everything was fine, well, after three months, serious problems began.

Everybody left the house for rest, except for the owner, who was left alone with the girl. After about a week, the owner flew away on a business trip. After his return, the life of the girl became like a nightmare.

The owner of the house began to accuse her of missing jewels. Said if they are not returned, he will write a statement to the police. In parallel, he began to pester her every evening.

In fact, a young girl fell into slavery. She was told in plain text what she should do. The pressure did not stop, the only thing that saved the girl was the return of the rest of the family from vacation.

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Immediately after the arrival of the wife of a businessman, the girl packed up and ran away from home. Naturally, about any loss of jewels and speech could not be. However, the lesson was memorized for life.

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