Atlantic Codex by Leonardo da Vinci went online

For the 500-year anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci’s Milanese Visual Agency – the agency , which specializes in data visualization and infographics – developed the concept and innovative tools , enabling users to explore the famous manuscript of the artist – “Codex Atlanticus”.

It offers a panoramic overview of the “ Atlantic Codex” and is equipped with features for detailing and analyzing for a more detailed study of this tremendous work. The ability to move and filter the pages of the manuscript will allow you to understand the evolution of thinking and professional interests of Leonardo da Vinci. This digital tool will also be installed on the touchscreen in the Ambrosian Library in Milan , where the only permanent exhibition of selected Codex pages is located. So museum visitors can use the interactive application and study the document in the same way as on the site.

Visitors to the portal can view the Code , starting with a panoramic overview of the topics and years of page creation. Selecting one particular subject or topic , you can filter and highlight pages , are of particular interest. Particularly curious is the possibility to reorganize the pages of the manuscript in accordance with the chronology of their creation. Selecting a specific page , you can view its front and back side , explore additional information , then go to pages with similar content.

The basis of the project was the electronic database , which Visual Agency experts have created based on the work ” The Atlantic Code “by Leonardo da Vinci. Alphabetical Index of Objects” by Augusto Marinoni. In this work, the historian cataloged the content of each page in accordance with the subject and time of creation. “He formed an extensive information base , which allowed us to use detailed details of each page , creation time , topics and subtopics using our interactive application , ” the agency said in a statement.

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Responsive website design allows you to view it on mobile devices and tablets. Access to the resource is free and does not require registration.

The Atlantic Codex consists of 1119 pages , dating from 1478th to 1519. They contain drawings and notes on various topics – aerodynamics , combat vehicles , musical instruments , geometry , botany, and so on. The manuscript was compiled by sculptor Pompeo Leoni from scattered sheets that fell into his possession.

Ten years ago, the Atlantic Code began to be presented to the general public. He exhibited in small parts of 50 pages. Each exposure lasted for three months. The first one opened in Milan in September 2009 , and the last , twenty-fourth, in 2015.

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