In my practice, this problem began to occur more and more often. As a rule, girls come with this. And men prefer to remain silent and not to turn to a specialist, as they are […]

What happened to you, poor Västerås?

And so, the world finally calms down. After all, the series “Game of Thrones”, which has tormented our minds and hearts exactly since 2011, has finally come to an end. However, the last series received […]

Sultan Suleiman wanted to pardon Bayezid

After Beyazid was defeated, he hid in Persia, where for several years he corresponded with his father, Sultan Suleiman, who asked him to repent and return home. Bayazid tried to prove to the Sultan that […]

Cruel “fun” and the customs of the Vikings

Many unnecessarily romanticize the Viking era, forgetting the cruelty that haunted the people of that time everywhere. I suggest you read about 4 real customs and entertainment that convey the spirit and cruelty of that […]

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