Bad Playa: “You need to spend 30% of TI’s budget on 9 superintelligence bots with whom you will play calibration, and they will give you their own verdict.”

Igor “Bad Playa” Gorevoy shared his thoughts on calibration in Dota 2.

“You have to spend 30% of TI’s budget on 9 superintelligence bots that you will play calibration with, and they will give you their own verdict after the 10th game. This is calibration, so calibration ”, – Bad Playa joked.

“Here is a joke about every game with 9 bots-superintelligence and even cooler, because the verdict is issued already in the first rink before the creeps are released and absolutely free,” commentator Rustam “Adekvat” Mavlyutov joined .

“Nobody is pouring, everyone is playing to the maximum. No force majeure !!! ” – said Bad Playa.

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