BEING. Interesting facts about the hero.

The creature has always been an interesting character of the Fantastic Four, but also we must not forget that the hero was not the perfect story.

Since its inception, Benjamin Grimm has been the subject of retcons, reloads, different variations of his power and much more.

We selected some interesting facts about the Creature. I hope you will be interested!)

Once killed by Reed Richards

In the story of Mark Wade “Fantastic Four” the team goes to Latvia and forever destroys Doctor Doom. The dictator dies, and Reed decides to control the place himself. Further in the story, Mr. Fantastic accidentally releases the spirit of the Duma from hell and is forced to hunt it down.

Unfortunately for Reed and Ben, it turned out that the spirit of the Duma moved into the Being. This made Reed decide to kill Doctor Duma once and for all, though with Ben Grimm.

Was more like a rock (no, not Duane Johnson)

At the end of the 80s, the irradiated Ben acquired an even more rocky form, resembling an incomprehensible villain from a video game, rather than a comic book character. The design did not look very, to put it mildly. The hero tried to return to his old form because of his feelings for Miss Marvel.

Once the hero wore a suit

Somehow, the character of Ben Grim suddenly returned to a human appearance. Such a miracle threatened his superhero status. Reed Richards, began to invent a costume for the former hero, which would have all the features of the character’s original stone exterior.

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Luke Cage took the place in the team until the costume was completed. The very idea of ​​”Costume Creatures” has not gained popularity. The Marvel writers eventually had to return the “old” Ben.

Was evil

The idea with the heroes who turn into evil is far from new … Marvel embodied this idea with the Creature during the series of comedians Fear in the Flesh: Spiderman. He was employed as an antagonist under the name Angrir, the anointed destroyer of the Soul Breaker, and returned to normal form shortly after the battle with Thor.

Left his bride “before the altar”

When Ben Grimm met Debbie Green in the Fantastic Four No. 554, it was love at first sight. Their relationship soon blossomed, and the couple planned a wedding the following year.

When the wedding approached, Ben decided to leave, realizing the fact that marriages of superheroes, as a rule, end in tragedy. With this decision, the hero wanted to protect Debbie …

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