Best romantic anime for 2020

Hello everyone. No one has canceled romance in anime. And I want to devote this article to this genre. Well, take a seagull, sit down comfortably. Call your soul mate and we’ll start.

sinner’s crown
A great fantasy story with a simple opening, a few twists and turns, and a dramatic ending. The graphics in this anime are amazing. Not to say that this is the best drawing I’ve seen, but considering the year of release, it is at least one of the best. Each character is unique, has its own background, its own motives and its own character. The romance in this anime is unobtrusive, the whole series is not based on romance alone, but it gives meaning to the whole series. seasoned with good visuals, it will appeal to both many anime lovers and the general viewer. The scenario is not predictable, and has a lot of ‘cool’ twists when you think that you know what will happen next, but this is not so. This is an excellent representative of its genre , and if you, like me, do not like furs, then you can safely look, because in this work they do not focus too much on them. Watch or not – it’s up to you!

Tada can’t fall in love
Do you believe in love?

This title deserves praise, the art, the characters and even the plot turned out to be extremely pleasant. The viewing left a good impression and opened up something new. And as for me, the ending didn’t disappoint either. After all, the worst end happens only when everything ends where it began. The guy decides to take pictures of cherry blossoms and meets a cute girl. Where it all began.

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I want to eat your pancreas
Interesting, sweet and very touching anime … I liked and did not like the fact that it ended rather dramatically, I still wanted a miracle and a happy end … Another anime showing that a person needs a person.

As the main character said, “I am the same as all other people, I just die early.”

At first, Sakura seemed frivolous to me and even some of her actions, just jokes, as she said, in relation to that guy. I don’t want to pour water, I’ll say that these heroes were simply created for each other, even their names matched each other in this you will see. A VERY romantic story with a predictable ending.

The President is a maid!
An old but interesting anime. Anime for romantic natures, cute and funny, which tells about the girl Misaki Ayuzawa, who is the president of the student council at Seika School, a school with a not very good reputation, which also has few girls, because it until recently there was a men’s school. And for a girl, leading guys is not an easy task. But Misaki will certainly cope with all the difficulties, because she is an athlete and a very purposeful girl, especially since she will have a “guardian angel”, almost like the superman Usui Takumi. And what will come of it, see for yourself, I highly recommend it.

Your April lies
I am making music, I do not understand what I would do. I presented myself on the example of this anime. Appreciate that you have arms, legs, hearing, taste, distinguishing colors.

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Incredibly beautiful and touching work. Recommended for viewing. Lovely youth drama and delightful music. This is, first of all, psychodrama. Yes, it is not perfect, but it affects the world of people with whom, as a rule, its more adult part collides. This is a situation of overcoming psychological trauma, in this case at the expense of love. When Arima the Oblique lost everything, the opportunity to perform, his mother and hopes for a musical future, what was the meaning of his life. It’s just that a small number of people are faced with a situation where they had everything and they lost everything, but everything changes when he meets it. The sound of a piano (musical instrument) burst in like a stream of fresh wind. And Arima fell in love.

Voice shape
Strengths decline, life loses its meaning. But you keep moving. The story of this anime is very beautiful.

An embittered, cruel boy turns towards the end of the film into an open person, looking at others with sympathy. A deaf-mute girl is trying to adapt to a hostile world. The action is somewhat protracted, sometimes gets stuck on strange details. But they touched upon the vital topics of bullying at school, teenage suicide, acceptance of the world and oneself … Therefore, I stood for more than 2 hours and watched the anime (by the way, beautifully drawn) to the end.

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