Biden almost doubles lead over Trump

According to the survey of public opinion conducted by Quinnipiac University, former US Vice-President Joe Biden by 15 percentage points ahead of President Donald Trump, and this is his most significant gap in the current year. According to a poll conducted from July 9 to 13, 52% of Americans are ready to vote for Joe Biden in the US presidential elections, and only 37% for Donald Trump.

A little less than a month ago, 49% of Americans would vote for Mr. Biden, and 41% for Donald Trump. The former US vice president has led opinion polls since March, but this is the first time the 15% lead has been achieved.

The current poll by the University of Quinnipe also shows voter dissatisfaction with Donald Trump’s work as president, especially in the economic sphere: 53% were disapproving, 44% were approving. And this is Donald Trump’s worst economic performance since August 2017.

The president’s work to combat the coronavirus pandemic was approved by 35% of respondents, Joe Biden’s work – 59%, Donald Trump’s solution to the problem of racial inequality was approved by 30% of respondents, Joe Biden – 62%. When asked about honesty, 31% of those surveyed said Trump was honest, while 66% considered him dishonest. For Joe Biden, these figures are 46% and 42%, respectively. Only 37% of those polled believe that Donald Trump cares about ordinary Americans, and 59% believe that Joe Biden cares about them.

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