Brave Dagestanis prevented a major robbery in Turkey

The father and son of Isakov, who turned out to be random witnesses of the robbery in Turkey, did not lose their head and gave a fitting rebuff to the whole gang belonging to the Georgian criminal gang. Robbers failed to embody their criminal intentions. They were counting on a large amount of money, which they knew from a tip that they would be on that day in the Istanbul office of the company Cargo, which is engaged in cargo transportation.

Details of the dramatic story in which two Dagestanis – father and son – showed a masculine character and great courage by joining an unequal fight with a whole gang of raiders intending to rob the office of the transport company “Cargo”, located in the capital of Turkey – Istanbul, told Isakhovs family Najmudin Nazhmudinov.  

The father of the Isakov family, Khazhiyasulav, recently came to visit his son Israpil, who lives and works in Istanbul. The young man successfully graduated from Ibn Khaldun University in Istanbul, and his sister, who studies in the graduate school of the Moscow Medical Academy, had to transfer money for his studies. After consulting, the father and son decided to pay for their daughter’s and sister’s studies from their savings. In order to resolve the issue of money transfer, they turned to the owner of the company Cargo, who was a good friend of Hazhiyasulava.

“He is also a Dagestanian, so they went to him. They knew that he himself was in Russia now. They wanted to ask them to give money here, and he just transferred money from one card to another, ”told Najmudin to IslamNews .

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With the representative of the company agreed on everything. Then a friend of the family said that during the conversation, “three men broke in with pistols. Sent to people. They told me to get up on my knees. But Khazhiyasulav could not – blood leapt. I tried to knock the weapon out of the hands of one criminal. A fight broke out in which he was wounded in the stomach. ”

Fr Israpil, who rushed to the rescue, succeeded in taking a knife from one of the robbers and injured Tengiz Pkhakadze, the leader of the Georgian gangsters.

Confused by such bold resistance of the Dagestanis, the attackers took off their heels. Seeing a bleeding wounded father in the stomach, Israpil grabbed a pistol lying on the floor, which the leader dropped during a fight. He rushed in pursuit of Tengiz Pkhakadze and shot him, trying to detain him. As a result of his wounds, the leader of the gang bled out and died.

Doctors managed to save Khazhiyasulava, who was seriously wounded in the stomach, but he had to remove his kidney. Now he is much better, there is no danger to life.

Investigators of the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office are studying all the circumstances of the incident to find out whether Israpil went beyond the boundaries of self-defense. If it is established that he left – the young Dagestani face a prison.

Turkish police are making efforts to prove to the prosecutor’s office that Israpil did everything in self-defense and tried to detain dangerous criminals.

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